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The Ugly Duckling

July 3, 2013
By FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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I walked home from a horrible day at school with my blonde hair in pig tails and had my bag on my back. I walked to the front door, reached up to open it then walked into the house, dropping the bag near the kitchen table. I heard my mummy in the lounge room humming so I ran to her.
"Mummy!" I squealed when I saw her sitting on the couch with her beautiful blonde curls tumbling down her shoulders, her big blue eyes shining with happiness and her tall, curvy body covered with bright blue tight dress with matching stilettos.
"Oh, My darling girl, how was your day my big big girl?" She asked me as she hugged my small body close then lifted me onto her lap.
I frowned," Bad mummy, the girls laugh at me all the time and say I'm ugly… " I looked into her eyes," Am I ugly mummy? Will I look like you some day?"
Mummy smiled then started talking," Once Upon a Time, there was a mumma duck with a flock of ducklings. All of them were perfect and beautiful except for one," She lifted a manicured finger in front of both of us then poked my nose," One of the ducklings looked different to the others. The other ducklings laughed and made jokes about the duckling. The duckling then ran off for she felt useless and unwanted as well as she knew she will keep getting picked on if she stayed. She learnt to look after herself straight after she left. After a couple weeks she went back to mumma duck and the ducklings and they were gobsmacked," Her mouth dropped and I laughed," The duckling became the most beautiful of the ducklings because she never was a duckling but a swan the colour of the whitest snow. You see my darling, some at a young age are what you call ugly and what I call adorable then they grow up and become the most beautiful of people and I believe you, Jasmine, are a swan."

A couple weeks later I came home from school to see police cars and tape that read the word 'caution' which I didn't understand what it meant. I ducked under the tape and ran to the house. I heard people speaking, talking about a murder what ever that is. I ran through the opened front door and stopped. Red stuff was dripping down the walls in thick red drops.
"Mummy!" I called out while dodging many police men's out stretched arms.
"Mummy!" I screamed feeling scared and terrified then I saw her.
Her once light blonde hair that looked like an angels halo was clumped and stained red. Her white dress was stained red around her torso. Men were leaning over her form, talking amongst themselves. I felt my heart sink with the way her body was positioned, her arms and legs spread out and looked more awkward then comfortable. I took a step closer to her form. Her once bright blue eyes looked at the ceiling with no light in her eyes, no love in her eyes, just… nothing. I felt my heart stop beating when I took another step closer and saw the gaping wound in her chest, her dress ripped and folded to sit underneath her breasts. I felt disgusted with the men looking at my mother half naked but I didn't say anything for the wound in her chest looked large and bloody. That was when I realized the one thing that I had dreaded since I saw the police cars. The one thing that would have destroyed my life. Being 7 years old I knew it would change my life, not in a good way either. I felt tears stream down my face and my knees gave out from underneath me. I dropped to the ground and cried. The police officers looked at me and tried grabbing me but I only shied away from the touch. I whispered the one and only thing that was going through my mind.

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