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Pffft. Life. What is this?

May 20, 2013
By Lostwolf GOLD, Hillsborough, North Carolina
Lostwolf GOLD, Hillsborough, North Carolina
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"Just because you can, doesn't me you should." -Acheron Parthenopaeus

*scribble, scribble* I randomly draw on my paper. "Why am I here again?" I huff to myself. "I'm so much smarter than these rollie pollies." I giggle. Thinking about that lovely little bug. Hmmmm.. Now that I think about it... How do they live? What is life? Pffft. Life. That's funny. I have no life. Just eat, sleep, and band. "Great... Band..." I softly growl, trying not to snap my pen in half. "Life is just a stepping stone in the mix of madness..." I mumble, knowing that no one can hear me. I soon look at my paper and I see I've scribbled a dog dancing with a butterfly on my paper. "What is wrong with me...?" I sigh and plop my head on to the desk. *thud* "Meehhh..." I groan as I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my skull.

The author's comments:
Random thoughts in English class.

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