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Golden Rays

May 23, 2013
By BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
BlueSupernova ELITE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"We'll- we'll let you all g-go if one of you just comes forward. We just need one." the young man said, his voice shaking. "J-just one."
The crowd of teens stood still, the occasional wail coming from inside. "Please." the man begged. "I- I don't want to kill all of you. Please. Just one. We just need one, for all of you." 
"For you, for you, it's all for you, everything I do...." I remember the song lyrics, hear the song playing in my head. Its all for you. Its all for all of them. For the lives not meant to be ended.
Before I could stop myself, the idea grew in my head. I always wanted to be a hero. I always wanted to be the courageous one. Maybe I was all along, I think, trying to smile before I slowly, tears welling up in my eyes, walk forward. This was the moment. My long hair and white dress whip in the wind. Yes. Yes. I think as I look up toward to faint glow of the rising sun and the pale blue sky. This is a good way to die. For them. For everyone.
"No, don't, what are you thinking?!" I hear shouts from those behind me. But I knew this was my time. My demons would be away. 
I come up to the young man holding the gun in his sweaty, shaking hands. I was ready, I was proud, but I had to tell him. Tell him before I was silenced.
"I will haunt you. I will haunt you, coward, until the day comes that you are dead in the ground. I will haunt you with my courage."
I step away, proud, yet sobbing, my eyes on the crowd. "Live well." I say to the crowd. "Live well, be the best you can possibly be. And remember me. Remember me."
I stare upon the clouds in the sky, tears streaming down my cheeks, I could hear nothing but the thumping of my own bloody heart.
The young man raised the gun and, trembling, looked upon me. "I'm sorry." he shutters, sobbing. Then the shoot rings out through the clear day.
I fall, the crimson blood staining my white dress, spreading, such a deep color. He missed, shot me in the stomach. I have moments. Moments left on this earth.
Of course he came over. My boy, the one who I knew from the moment I met him would always be there. He is crying, eyes frantic. He holds me so gently, looking into my eyes. 
"I always thought... you and I would grow up, get married, have such adventures like the Doctor and his companions." I say quietly, the life draining out of my limp body. I look away for a moment, passing away that dream, for know it is nothing but a thought. 
"You know, they say heaven is a place on earth for all of us. I found it with you. I love you." I say, then smile. 
"I love you too." His tears drop on my cheeks, soft and wet. His eyes so true in mine. 
I smile, look upon his sweet face. Then look toward the skies up above, at the gold streaks of the sunrise, hear the mourning doves calling. Then all fades into blinding whiteness.
All watched, the sharp wind whistling by as the boy cradled the dead girls body, sobbing. And the moments went on for eternity as the golden rays shined faintly upon the earth. 

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