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The First Snowfall

May 14, 2013
By Natti SILVER, Mayfield, Other
Natti SILVER, Mayfield, Other
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The First Snowfall

The winds frigid and the sky covered with thick clouds as Mae was walking home. She could tell that snow was just about to arrive. Mae lives in a small town called Dawn Hollow, and the town always has a tradition, were the towns people would gather at Everlasting Park as the first snowflakes would appear, and they would watch in silence as each snowflake would become bigger and faster. While people would watch, they'd share hot cocoa, with miniature marshmallows floating on the top of the cups. Mae Loves the snow and how it makes the town look like gingerbread houses with sprinkles of powdered sugar. Ever since she was little she would run outside with her coat, cotton hat and mittens, and would run around making snow angels and catching little flakes on her tongue. As she arrives at her Victorian home, she runs up the stairs, drops her things, and changes into her black skinny jeans, polo shirt, and white oversized knitted sweater. She runs back downstairs, and turns on the television to watch the weather forecast. She waits for the weather man to tell her the estimated time the first snow fall will descend. As she waits she decides to start getting things ready. She finds the blankets, and puts the cookies in the oven. She runs back into the family room as she hears the weather man about to reveal the moment it will happen. "The snow will start at 7 this evening, and will go through the night. It seems that the snow will fall for a while before it stops, folks". Mae is overjoyed, she finishes up the preparations. Its 7:00 now, she runs to the window and sees that the weather man was exact. She gets her blanket, her cookies and hot chocolate, and walks outside to her porch. She sits on her swinging chair and admires silently and contently, as she watches each snowflake fall one by one from the sky.

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