Last Words

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“Last Words”
It all started as a normal day for Elizabeth and Alice Wickterman. They got up, from their separate rooms and raced to bathroom to see who won,and brushed their teeth. Their mom called them to eat breakfast and, then they raced to see who could eat their breakfast the fastest. Elizabeth was a Sophomore at Norman Dale High School, she was the popular in her high school, but on the other hand, Alice was a freshman at Norman Dale High School, she was pretty and intelligent, but was not so popular. They loved each other so much but, Alice had a secret she could not tell her sister.

When they got to their house after school it was silent, hot, and Alice and Elizabeth were at their house alone. Their parents would come home from work at about four and their mom would cook their dinner right away like usual. They were exhausted ,from high school they had too much homework to do, and they would also have to do their chores. Their dad came back from work early and they were excited because they rarely see their dad at their house.

Their mother came home around four P.M. and started to make dinner for her family. She yelled out.“ The food is ready, you better get down here or your dad will eat all the food!” They knew their dad was a bit chunky and loved food especially his wife’s Linda. They raced down and washed their hands, they saw his dad jump out of his seat and run towards the pasta Linda made. He said “It looks delicious just like you honey.” Alice and Elizabeth always grossed out when their parents talked like that.

When they had finished eating they ran to their rooms to text their friends. When Alice saw that her new shoes had dirt all over them, she was very angry at her sister for not asking her if she could have used her $90 shoes that she had saved up all summer long. Alice called out, “Elizabeth come here now!”

Elizabeth ran out her room and said ‘WHAT?” Alice said “ Why, you know how long it took me to save up for those shoes and you think you can't ask for my permission to use them!” First they started with the swearing and then with physical fight. Alice was tired and had to take her anger all out with not physical but, with the most powerful words she could have ever let her sister know. Finally the words came out “YOU ARE ADOPTED!” Nothing for Elizabeth to or do she left, slammed the door close. With nothing but, her clothing and her phone in her pocket she was walking through the dark and narrow street in which she lived in. She saw two bright and a vibrant light coming to her was she knew it was a van following her running in a fast past but, no time to look back it was too late.

She felt the warm long arms grab her from her thin waist. She could not scream because his hand raced across her mouth. Feeling her her feet not touch the ground she immediately started to kick his legs in a hard manner. She was thrown in the van and felt the cold hard floor rub against her body crying and hitting the van in a rapid past she did not think of anything. She regretted everything leaving through her wide door and ignoring her surroundings.

They stopped the man grabbed her and put her into a old, creepy, and abandoned house. She said. “Why are you doing this to me?” and “What did I do to you?” The touching to warm body with his cold and and dry hands. There was nothing to do but weep because the man was too strong for her. Punches were swung at her and then the rape started.

Two days went by what seemed to be two years for Elizabeth all the days were the same in the same order. Her family worried a going through a hard part in life especially her sister who thought it was all her fault. Nothing for Elizabeth to do but, to sit in the dark room and watch the shadow of the man pass by her every hour. She did not see his facial features in his face because she would close her eyes every time he would enter the room.

Her sister Alice thought of an idea that she herself would find her sister since she was the one who caused this. Alice thought if she had taken her phone with her that night and she did did. Then she went on a website and wrote ”find my IPhone” she put her sister’s number in the bar. She had found her sister IPhone and hopefully she was there in where she found she was. She told her parents about the news and they call the cops they said ”To not go!”She ignored the fact that she could be risking her life, but she would do anything for her sister now. She left with the directions in her hand. She left running as fast as she could not thinking of her parents.When she got there she saw a window that was open, but it was all dark inside, nothing could stop her now. Nothing to fear, there was no turning back.She was all alone in a dark house, she saw a room while passing through a creepy and mysterious hallway. When reached to open a weird looking door she was hearing her sister weeping, Alice knew what would happen next. She saw Elizabeth in he a dark room with her tears running across her pale and soft cheeks. She said “Elizabeth it is all over now I am with you” Then the cops arrived and caught the man trying to escape through the back door. She was telling the cop of how he abused her, rapped, and kidnapped her. She also had said that the man took her phone and made her change into ragged clothing. Their parents had arrived at the scene and went dashing through the cops not worrying about their policies. They were all huddled together crying and hugging. Elizabeth had one more thing to say if she was really adopted they said she was, but the reason they got her was because their mother could not have any more children after Alice. They also said that did not matter because that will not change the fact that they love each other. They still love one another and are trying to recover from their past lives

Alice and Elizabeth are both sisters and get into the biggest fight ever, Until Alice tells her sister she is adopted because she wanted to take all the anger off. Elizabeth is heartbroken and leaves the house in the night until she gets kidnapped by a man. Next Alice is trying to track her down by using a website.She does find her and cops arrive there. Elizabeth has one more thing to say if she really adopted she is, but their parent have a good reason of that. They still love each other, and try to move, recover from their life's.

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