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My Fairytale

April 27, 2013
By coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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Once upon a time a young fellow named Jack exchanges his cow for magic porridge. When Jack plants the magic porridge, the porridge stalk grows and grows high in the great blue sky. That is when Jack saw a nest. He feels tired, so he sleeps there. The nest contains seven eggs unprotected, by the comfort of their mother. When the mother duck sights a person sleeping in the nest, she pecks at him until he is away from the nest. All the eggs hatch except one egg. The ugly duckling is left in the nest while the rest were with its mother. Then, the three giant bears go to the nest. They take the duck and climb up the porridge stalk. Jack saw the incident that happened with the duck. He climbs up the porridge stalk to save the duck.

When Jack is saving the duck, the big bad wolf tries to find a way to chop the porridge stalk down. What magically appears to the wolf is a humongous, shiny, sharpen axe with the name “Paul Bunyon” engraved into it. The wolf sets off to the Land of Oz to find a potion to make himself bigger to pick up the axe.

Meanwhile, Jack climbs up the porridge stalk he sees a gingerbread house. The gingerbread house is so huge; it will take a thousand men to eat it whole. Jack knocks on the huge gingerbread door thump thump thump. The giant mama, papa, and baby bear come out. “Fe, fi, fo, thump, who’d be knocking at the door.”
The three bears were unsure to have Jack come in, but they let him in anyway.

While Jack is in the house, the wolf is in the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The witch says, “I will give you this growth potion if you give me the ugly duckling.”

“How about another deal?” asks the wolf.

“What’s the deal?” asks the Witch.

The wolf says, “If you give me the potion, then I will give you the duck, deal?”

“Deal,” says the witch.

When the wolf drinks the potion, he breaks the witch’s castle from his incredible height of the potion. He runs out of the Land of Oz and back to the porridge stalk.

Meanwhile, Jack tries to talk things out with the three bears.

“We haven’t eaten in days, we need the duck,” says the bears.

“Well I know a huge hive that fills with honey for all of you to eat,” states Jack.

“Really?! You do? If you can bring us there then we will be very happy and not eat the duck,” excites the three bears.
“Follow me,” says Jack.
The wolf picks up Paul Bunyon’s axe and starts to chop down the stalk. Jack and the three bears wonder what is going on. The baby bear cries, but feels comfort from his mom’s protection. Jack and the three bears fall from the high heights of the stalk. The wolf wonders where the duck was; it is near the bears. The wolf takes the duck back to the Land of Oz, but when he tries to make his getaway; the three bears mauled the wolf. They made sure he wouldn’t bother Jack again. The three bears were the same size as the wolf as well. Jack says,
“Thank you for all your help, you protection kept me safe”.
The bears feel happy from their appreciation of the bears.
Jack shows the bears the giant bee hive. They are happy and excited; they run right after the honey. The bears all ate the honey together. After the bears, the ugly duckling is the only animal left from the group. He and the ugly duckling walk down a path with a sunset over it.
They live happily ever after.

The author's comments:
Many of the fairy tale books I read inspired me to make this awesome fairy tale story.

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