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A Very Special Doll (Part Two)

April 16, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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It took about three days and the boys waited anxiously for the doll to return to their arms. Of the three, Greg was the one who took the incident most hardly. He could hardly wait for her return and entered a deep depression. Despite it only being three days, Greg cried most of those nights. Stan and Ron worried for him and tried to cheer him up…with almost no avail. Then, they came to the realization that Greg loved the doll the most.
The wait was finally over when the supervisor brought the doll back as good as new. Seeing how desperately Greg wanted to play with the doll again, Stan and Ron immediately gave it to him. After the incident, the boys all learned patience and kindness. Though Greg was a little selfish for a time, he eventually gave the doll back to his friends. However, there were others who wanted to play with the doll, but the boys were just as reluctant to give her away. They would learn one more lesson a few days later.
There was a younger girl who was diagnosed with leukemia. She needed a toy to help her get through treatment. The kids offered her toys, but she didn’t find one that was perfect. The boys saw that no matter how much they wanted their doll for their own, they knew they had to do the right thing. They offered the doll to the girl and she found it was the perfect one. The boys understood that parting with their most precious doll was going to be hard, but the supervisor found a way to keep the boys happy.
She bought porcelain angels with an empty frame for each of the boys. They took turns holding the doll and posing for a picture with it. Then, each of their pictures was put into the frame and they served as reminders of their doll. This made them very comfortable and they were able to let go of their favorite doll. What they didn’t know was that it was the last time they ever saw of it.
The girl sent back updates and pictures with her and the doll. Eventually, she got better and she was adopted. The boys were very sad when they learned she took he doll with her, but they were content to know that as long as the doll made her happy, it made them happy as well. Years passed, and Greg, Stan, and Ron were adopted and grown up. They had families of their own and kept in contact of each other. They never forgot their doll, but it was the last thing they expected one day.
They each received a package and were surprised when they found a doll that was exactly like the one in the orphanage. In the box was a note that said: There’s more where she came from! It was from their good friend who had leukemia as a girl. In the packages was also a picture of her, her children, and the original doll. Tears of happiness each filled the men’s eyes because they knew that their friend was happy and their doll was in safe hands.

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I can assure you this part of my story is very touching. You're going to like this part.

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