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The Cyberbully

March 30, 2013
By JessicaQ PLATINUM, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Other
JessicaQ PLATINUM, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Other
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Her black ballerina flats clicked with every step. Tap.... Tap.... Tap... 
The sound echoed. As she passed the school field, quiet snickers trailed behind her like puffs of smoke whenever she passed a group of kids.
She heard their laughter.
She didn't want to, but she did.
"Keep your head down and walk fast". That was her motto. 

In the distance, she heard a faint beeping noise.
She heard it again. 
But this time her heart raced. Her palms rolled into fists. She clenched her jaw and her round eyes began to sting with fury. A single droplet of sweat trickled down her neck. Her breath escalated, mimicking the roaring engine of a motorcycle nearby.

She knew where the sound came from.

"Beep! Beep!" screamed her phone.

Her hands trembled. 
Her body erupted into quakes. With every "beep" from her phone, she felt small painful pricks in her stomach.
The ringing grew louder and louder. 
She tried to ignore it. 
But the sound roared in her ears, pressuring her.
She reached slowly into the pocket of her jeans. There was one unread message.

"Sender: Unknown," read the preview screen of her phone.

Slowly, she clicked on the blue button to open the message. She knew what would come next.

"Why don't you just leave our school Ally? You're not wanted here." read the message.

Her lips trembled. Tears began to roll. She couldn't take this anymore. 

A half hour later, she reached home.
Quickly, she grabbed her laptop. She had to see what everyone else was saying about her.
Running into her room, she faced her old oak door. 
Slowly, she twisted the doorknob until it locked.
This door was her shield.
A shield which blocked her from the rest of the world. 
Behind closed doors, she would allow herself to drown her eyes in a well of tears.
Behind closed doors, she could sink sharp words into her throbbing pale wrists, creating scars. Lots of them.

As she gazed at her screen, comments and messages rushed before her eyes.

"The new girl is ugly," read one message.
"If she left, nobody would care," said another comment.

Faint sobs filled her room. She couldn't help but think, "Who are these people?"
Was it that boy who sat in front of her in English class?
Or the girl in her French class with full  cherry lips?
She didn't know. 
But how could they hate her this much?
They didn't even know her.

New messages came before her every day. Each one was worse than the last.
With each one, her soul became colder. 
There was no escape.
Her lips bled with fear. 
Her body turned numb and frozen. 
Her heart was shot with arrows of hate.
But finally, she shattered.

Pulling out her keyboard, she typed out her final words for everyone to see.

"I'm done."

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