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Death Sentence

March 3, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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She was bound in chains in a dirty cell. She was unfairly accused as a dangerous criminal and was given the death sentence. What’s more so, other criminals didn’t need to worry since their mother wasn’t the judge! Her mother lost faith in her daughter and thus imposed the death penalty. Since then, the accused has hated her mother and was now awaiting death. She didn’t have to wait long.
The jail door opened to reveal a bulky and brutish man. He was to lead her to her fate. “Let’s go,” he said gruffly as he detached the chains from the wall. With her head hanging low, the prisoner walked slowly and solemnly to the beheading block. She was finally leaving this dismal place called jail, but then what? She was going to die in front of an audience, in front of her mother, the one who betrayed her. The prisoner couldn’t help but shed a single tear before resting her head on the execution block.
As the executioner lifted the axe, the prisoner was requested to say her last words. Choosing wisely, she shouted out for everyone to hear, “Goodbye, Mother! I loved you, but you betrayed me!” Just then, the judge realized the error of her ways and wanted to fix everything. But before she could shout, “Wait”, the axe was swung and resulted in a THUD!

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