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A Noble Sacrifice

March 3, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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He was one of the last people who ever saw her alive. He was still in pain about what happened to her to this very day. He often wept over the margin of his errors that cost his young trainee her life. Until that day, he didn’t know that she’d die for him…and did.
Day after day, he trained her until her bones were sore. He treated her no differently than the others. Yet, she was dedicated and had considerably special abilities. All the other trainers had given her particular attention for her hard work, but not him. She tried to please him, to make him consider her one of the elite, but as always, he turned away. He soon learned how much she was unique on one fateful day.
On one particular morn, the camp was under attack by invaders. The trainee defended for her honor and her camp. The captain soon found himself under threat from the leader of this ragtag band. Soon finding himself defenseless, the captain accepted surrender as a gun was drawn. The leader squeezed the trigger and shot at the captain. A gunshot that was supposed to be meant for him.
But just that moment, the trainee dove right in front of him and took the blow. Her body didn’t stop moving, for it also dove into the water. The water surrounded her body as it sank deeper and deeper. The captain saw this sacrifice in shock and grief while the leader of the invaders was apprehended by several cadets. But the capture wasn’t what the captain cared about at the moment; he realized that the girl who saved his life was one of a kind…and he didn’t see that. He soon understood the error of his ways by not giving the trainee a chance. A chance was all she required, and he didn’t even offer it to her.
At her funeral, the captain gave a moving eulogy, despite not having known her well. Too lost in his own grief and regret, he resigned from the army and went home to think about all he did and didn’t do.

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