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The Depths of Depravity

February 14, 2013
By EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
EAPoe PLATINUM, Vermillion, South Dakota
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“Anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”
Jesus had said this in reference to all children who are innocent and have a simple view of the world. But in truth, not all children are like that. Some are bullies and others spoiled. But I know of one girl who’s the school freak. It’s not because she has any disabilities, but because her behavior is…beastly.
She’s the worst of the worst in our school. She’s mean, petty, spoiled, and absolutely ROTTEN to the core! She acts like she’s the diminutive empress in our class and orders us to cater to her every whim. In fact, she’s the reason why kids don’t go to school on some days. I don’t know why she hasn’t gotten into trouble more often than she should, but they say the most likely reason is that her parents are wealthy enough to pay her elders not to punish her. But I already know her deep dark secret why she often evades trouble: she’s a mutant.
Sure, all the other kids have seen her this way and the teachers, too (they all seem scared of her), but do they know the real story behind it? I was there when everything changed. I was the only one who was undetectably watching her plot her revenge against a teacher who took away her crayons. She went into a closet full of chemicals while in her anger. By accident, she bumped into some chemicals and they spilled on her. I don’t know how she could’ve lived through that, but when the smoke cleared, she was the kid version of the Hulk! This new transformation, however, had made her power-hungry and depraved as she decided to use this newfound power against those who did her wrong.
Honestly, besides that, I don’t know much more about how she came to use this ability except that she can revert back to human form and to strike fear and intimidation in the hearts of those who made her angry. I don’t know why I haven’t already told someone about her and that night, but something in me (maybe fear of getting blamed as well?) prevented me from doing so. It’s not just others who don’t know about my secret; the mutant girl doesn’t know I even possess it in the first place! Maybe that was why I didn’t tell anyone else about what happened to her. Otherwise, she would’ve come after me.
I dare say, I think I’m also waiting for her to realize the errors of her ways and suffer for it. I’m not trying to be cruel, but it can be hard on account of her behavior. It’s also hard to try being her friend, especially if she doesn’t want the offer of friendship. Still, I can’t help but feel sorry for her, what she has to go through. Dealing with her new alias will be hard on her, but she will make out her fate as she likes it. I wonder if she’s going to feel the pangs of being ousted from society someday.

The author's comments:
I loosely based the villain off of a supervillain from "Wordgirl" while I was watching an episode of it. I think the title does a good job demonstrating that even a child can be corrupt.

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