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December 21, 2012
By chriskabz PLATINUM, Nairobi, Other
chriskabz PLATINUM, Nairobi, Other
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it is really a pity that many of us have fallen for this particular form of deception despite the overwhelming proof that it really is of a paranormal dimension to believe in such a word or feeling to be precise.
she left me here stranded and not even the smallest amount of remorse existed as she pushed me out of her heart with such great upthrust. the pain was overwhelming; or perhaps it was my head t at was paining as it tried to come up with the words that would clearly elaborate what was really happening. but hallelujah I still stand here and onward as a soldier in a battlefield I push on yet this pain haunts me as I take every step upon this corrupted earth.what exactly did she expect of my feeble nature?
he would never read the script I write with such heart and soul. I sit under this tree and the shade gives me the hope that comfort that I seek will arrive soon enough. then it comes to thought that the road to recognition is not an easy path but a mountain that requires the faith of a saint to move.
my body may be weak but I know that in all thus my heart is strong enough to persevere. it may not be made out of titanium or diamond but I am assured that the flesh that makes it so gives me the chance to believe, to feel, to embrace all that stands around me. insanity it may be called but I believe it is a perfection in disguise.
I now push onwards and never will I be duped to believe again that am not worth it for I know I am. my simplicity is my strength!

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the possibility of gainin glory beyond our hearts desire is quite honestly a result of the insanity that dwells within us. nothing is impossible...even the perfect that we all seek

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