The Jump

It was quiet, too quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. Something smelled fishy. As the victims were searching for answers, the culprits had to endure the terrible “loss” of Donald and Dorothy Masterson. The victims, Eddie and Molly Masterson were baffled by the events that have occurred. It was a mysterious disappearance of Donald and Dorothy. The culprits, Ed and Kathy Masterson said the fish “jumped” out of the tank. Apparently Mrs. Masterson left the tank open after feeding the fish. Eddie and Molly thought it was a total lie.
First, I couldn’t believe that the fish jumped out.
“How did you leave the tank open?” I asked.
“It just crossed my mind at the time,” she answered.
I was done with Mrs. Masterson at the time; then I went to the victims.
“Do you believe the fish could have jumped out of the tank/” I asked.
“No, I think it was a lie. Also, even if they jumped, I don’t think they could have gone down the drain,” Eddie insisted.
Years went by, and my logic grew larger. The fish DIDN’T JUMP! When Mrs. Masterson said she left the fish house open, Donald and Dorothy died a sad death. Mr. and Mrs. Masterson lied to Molly and Eddie. They didn’t want to let Eddie and Molly know that their beloved fish had died. I went back to the culprits.
“Why did you lie to your kids?” I wondered.
“We didn’t want to break it down for them” Mr. Masterson said.

I understood what they meant. Now it was time to tell Molly and
“I figured out the case. Donald and Dorothy died, but they didn’t want to tell you,” I said.
“Well, we knew they died as time went by. We didn’t believe that they could have jumped out of the tank,” Molly answered.
The case was closed. My job was done.

This happened when I was really young, so I believed my Mom and Dad. But as I grew up, my logic grew. I remember it like the back of my hand. It was a moment that I will never forget.

R.I.P. Donald and Dorothy
? – 2005
They will be missed.

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