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November 14, 2012
By Euphoric SILVER, Tucker, Georgia
Euphoric SILVER, Tucker, Georgia
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“What is humanity?” She asked him in a voice no louder than a whisper. Her frail hands gripped tightly to the frame of her hospital bed; her skin so translucent you could trace every vein.

“Humanity is feeling, my dear.” He murmured, resting his hand on her shoulder. Her body felt weak and lifeless beneath him. He noticed how her eyes looked sunken in and restless. Her heart shaped lips were pressed in a tight, thin line. Her usually full cheeks were hollow and pale making it seem liked her cheekbones were trying to tip through the prison of her skin.

“I feel nothing. I don’t even feel human. Trying to keep a dying girl alive in this world is inhuman.” She spoke with a heavy heart.

“What’s wrong with living?” He asked her. Tears sprung to his already watery blue eyes.

“Living here,” She said; pressing a button that administered morphine into her system to numb her pain. “This world has become unlivable. Everyone has given up their feelings and thoughts for the opinions of others; chosen solitude with machines over people; forgotten what real love is. How can we live in a world without love; without true feelings?”

He shrugged; his shoulders trembling slightly from the weight of her words. “What you’re saying is…”

“Why live at all?” She finished with a gleam in her dark brown eyes. “Everyone’s’ promises are blunted and exhausted. Nobody has accomplished anything.”

“So why live at all?” he repeated. “What if it changed? What if I did something that changes all of humanity for the better?” Hope tinged his voice.

“Not even the purest of heart can change all of humanity now, my love.” She whispered, silently pulling the needles keeping her alive from her arms. She gripped the breathing tube with two fingers and yanked it from her nose throwing it to the floor.

“What are you doing?” He asked, frantically trying to grab her hands. “Stop, please!”

“Why live at all?” She said with a sweet, sorrowful smile. “Nobody has accomplished anything.”

She left him with nothing but her final words ringing in his ears. He remained seated as the alarms sounded and the machines buzzed around them. Even as the doctors and nurses hurried in trying to bring her back, he knew that she was already long gone.

“Nobody has accomplished anything.”

The author's comments:
In my literature club we were given the word 'humanity' to write a short piece about.

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