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September 17, 2012
By brenda27 GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
brenda27 GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
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never give up on your dreams do what you like and be who you want to be.

a tiny part of me misses them and the other want`s to for get but if i burry them down they flash between my life, i cant move on , and if i try i`ll lose reality , hard to grasp easy to lose, once iwas happy now im tormented and every smile , laugh, and grin are false but they dont see it, so nave to understand . hard to see between the fog , how will i chose , who will i pull to my side. miraculesly i could survive, under thr stones that protect but dont help me hide from my mind, from the opposing crowd. from the force that ties me down to the stake , fire doesn`t hurt as much as ice , but it consumes my in sides while the ice spreads over my skin making it it`s permeant home.
who will i chose FIRE or ICE BOTH DESTROY ME NOW.

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