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We Stand Together, We Die Together

August 26, 2012
By Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayotic PLATINUM, Goodyear, Arizona
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Screams of pain and agony pierced the air as men fell to the floor in pools of their own blood. The battle raged on as many soldiers died every second. I stood tall and strong as I fired my gun into the crowd of enemies. Bullets flew towards me at astounding speeds, each one barely missing me by centimeters. I could see as my bullets pounded through my enemy's protective clothing and into their soft flesh. My partner stood beside me, his face was filthy from the dirt and mud on the battlefield.

The Russians were everywhere, they surrounded us and we had no place to hide. My partner fired his gun rapidly, killing people with one shot to the chest and head.

We had finally broken through the wall of Russian soldiers and we made our escape. I felt my heart beating against it's bone cage as I raced through the town of battle. Stepping on the body of a dead soldier, I turned back and saw he was just another innocent person fighting for his country. Guilt gripped my stomach as I pursued my general, bullets were still chasing us as we hastily retreated.

Suddenly I heard someone behind me let out a blood curdling screech of pain. I whipped my head back to see my best friend lying on the ground holding his leg. Ignoring my general's protests, I raced back for him.

"What are you doing?," he choked as I fell to his side. "Saving you, now try to stand," I replied as I grabbed his arm and wrapped it around my shoulder, I could see the angry soldiers racing at us only twenty feet away. "I...I can't! Dave you have to go on without me," he cried. I could see the pain and fear in his eye but I was too stubborn to let him die. "No, I won't let you die alone. No man is left behind," I encouraged, but it was already too late. I winced as blood splattered my face, I felt my eyes burn as I wiped it away.

When I saw his face there was a mark from a bullet, I gasped in horror and sorrow as I saw his blue eyes cloud up and slowly close. "No! This wasn't supposed to happen!," I screamed as I wrapped his limp lifeless body in a tight hug. I felt another bullet angrily pierce my shoulder. The sudden pain tearing me apart. I looked up at the soldiers who stood only five feet away from me, their guns pointed at me, but none of them opened fire. I glared angrily at my friend's killers, their uniforms marked with the blood of other American soldiers.

I could hear them talking amongst one another as I bravely rose to my feet, blood pouring from the gash in my shoulder. They turned and looked at me with shock in their eyes as they put their guns in position. "Go ahead, shoot me," I spat, "Shoot me!" They stared with puzzled expressions as I got in their faces. I pointed my own gun at one of the soldiers and pulled the trigger. The man fell to the floor as he spat out warm blood, the bullet wound found straight in his throat. He made a strange gurgling noise as he drowned in his own blood. I knew that the death of their own soldier would get me killed, and I was ready to die.

Suddenly, I felt metal tear through my cheek as it skimmed the side of my face, blood sloshed out of the wound, speckling my shoulder with a crimson color. I then felt another bullet slice my stomach as it exited through my back, my uniform turned a color only human blood could create, I choked out an agonizing howl that pierced the air. Yet another bullet entered my leg, causing me to crumple to the floor in defeat. I placed my hands in the puddle of my blood, feeling how hot and sticky it really was. I looked up at the soldier that stood in front of me as he shot my neck, my eyes grew wide and glossy as I tried to draw in breath, but only the bitter,warm liquid filled my lungs as it poured out of my mouth. I felt my throat bubble as my life pulled away from me, the pain I felt was intense and yet the world was harsh enough to make me suffer my last few moments of this miserable life.

I was forced to die in the arms of my enemy never to see my mother or father, or my wife and kids. Never to eat yet another home cooked meal, never to watch my children grow up. I knew that being drafted would get me killed, but I had no choice. This war that I was forced to fight should have never happened. No one deserves to die, not American or Russian soldiers, or any person in that matter, it is not our war it is the war of our leaders. For the blood spilt is not in the hands of the soldiers but in the hands of their leaders...

The author's comments:
Based off the death of one of my family members...

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