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July 3, 2012
By WastedAway BRONZE, Andover, Ohio
WastedAway BRONZE, Andover, Ohio
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"There's no fear in a shallow heart because shallow hearts don't fall apart" - Tupac

She's drowning in her own blood.
Nothing can save her now.
She went too far.
Too far.

Earlier that day her daddy let her down. He said he'd be home in time. He missed her prom. He said he'd be there to see how beautiful she was before she left, or was that the alcohol talking? Her daddy used to mean everything to her. He was all she had. Her mommy went into the loony bin. Daddy was never the same. Her daddy beat her. Beat her till she was black and blue all over. Daddy started drinking more and more. Stayed out late. When he would come home, he would go straight to her room. Pull her out of her bed by her hair. Screaming. Crying. He'd beat her senseless. He'd beat her till his pain was gone. Selfishness. Every night. She couldn't deal with it. She stayed at her best friends house. Daddy didn't like that. Daddy threw a rage. Daddy destroyed the house. He went to her room. Tore everything apart. Ripped every picture. Burned every album. She came home the next day. Cried. She cried her pretty little hazel eyes out. Found a picture of her and mommy. A faint smile broke through, then faded quickly. She cried and cried and cried till daddy came home. Daddy beat her. Again. This time, with brass knuckles. Every time he hit her, he yelled that every thing was her fault. Every thing. Even mommy leaving. She started to cry. Daddy beat her more. Yelled at her for not taking it like an adult. She tried telling her friends. They left her. They thought she just wanted attention and faked the bruises. Faked. One night her daddy lost it. He tied her to the bed. Gagged her. He beat her. He pulled up her night shirt and pulled off her panties. She had no control. She was too weak. Too weak. He raped her. Her own daddy. All she had. Gone. She screamed. She kicked. She tried breaking free. None of it worked. Nothing. She couldn't cry anymore. Her daddy left her there tied up. For days. No food. No water. He let her go. She ran. He got her back. She never ran away again. She learned it the hard way. She couldn't believe it. It seemed unreal. Like a dream. Just a dream. A nightmare. A living nightmare. Prom was rolling around the corner. She had mommy's dress from high school. Beautiful. She'd be stunning in it. Daddy stopped the beating for a little while. He wasn't ever home to beat her. Prom came. She waited for daddy. Waited. She just went to prom without him. He came home. His little girl wasn't there. He just left again. She made it home. Prom was h*ll. Daddy still wasn't home. She went upstairs. To the bathroom. Filled the tub up. Before she sat in she grabbed a razor. Never changed out of that beautiful dress. She slowly went in the water. Sat there for a few moments. She took the razor. She began with little cuts on the upper arm. She worked her way down to her wrists. There, she started going deeper. Deeper. Deeper. The water turned red. She felt dizzy. She kept slicing away at her wrists. Daddy came home. He
busted every door open before the bathroom door. He finally opened it. As soon as he seen his little girl there, he ran over by her. He went to hit her. She yelled, "This is how you left mom!" She slit her throat and she was out. Gone. His little girl. Out of his world. He had no one for him. He was alone. Her screams haunted him. The same screams for when he raped her. He had enough. He took a late night drive. He started to tear up. Then. That's when he heard his little girl giggle. She was in the middle of the road. Standing there. Bloody. Torn apart. Smiling. He swerved to avoid hitting her. Instead, he slammed dead on with another driver.


The author's comments:
This is something I wrote when I was deeply depressed, hence the intensity.

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on Sep. 11 2012 at 4:54 pm
artistinda_lonelily SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
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Incredibly horrific. I loved the style of writing that you used- it gave the idea more depth. Great job :)