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The World Opening Up At Your Feet

June 12, 2012
By kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
kread18 DIAMOND, Berkeley, California
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"And then Obi Wan was all 'don't walk into the light!"
"You are one strange kid"
"It was only a dream."
"What do you think your subconscious is trying to tell you?"
"Probably to stop reading Sci Fi books."
"You must read a lot."
"Too much."
"What's your GPA?"
"Not good enough to get me into Harvard. I didn't get into Harvard!"
"Even with all that reading?"
"Dude I was reading star wars, not the freakin' Iliad."
"True. At least you have Berkeley."
"Great. Because Berkeley is supposed to be the sound of the world opening up at my feet. What a joke." That pen they gave us during the tour ran out of ink within the first use. Cheap Berkeley peace of crap."
"Well can you really trust a pen advertising meal plans? Be realistic."
"Realistic? I'm a Sci Fi nerd. I still believe that good always triumphs over evil."
"Do you still believe in the tooth fairy too?"
"I would if you wrote me a Sci Fi book about it."
"But I'm a bad writer."
"Well that's pretty obvious. You're not all that great of a conversationalist either. Just saying. I thought Berkeley people were supposed to be interesting."
"Interesting or insane? I got here by taking SAT boot camps and analyzing The Scarlet Letter, not playing with light sabers. Berkeley is not your Mothership. You will never belong here."
"I thought Berkeley welcomed everybody."
"What a laughable concept."
"Well this is depressing."
"But at least you're happy right?"
"I thought I was happy."
"You have to know in order to succeed."

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