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5 Wishes

April 20, 2012
By Piper Shaw BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
Piper Shaw BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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It was my first friday night of freshman year. High school was blown up to be this huge, picturesque place and here I was sitting in my bedroom with my computer when I should be out with friends. Problem with that was, I didn't have friends yet. Yes, I had those people at school I'd sit with outside of class, I guess you could call those my friends. But I wasn't having those crazy weekend nights where apparently all the magic of high school lies.
5 wishes. It was when I was looking in the mirror of my bathroom when I got the idea. My reflection showed a young, naive face. I thought of the beautiful senior girls in my school compared to me. Their long perfect hair compared to my awkward in between length. Their done up faces compared to my haphazard try at eyeliner and mascara. How could 4 years bring such a transformation? This first night of the school year senior year, would I still be sitting alone? No.
5 wishes. I took a sheet of notebook paper from a brand new stack in my new school supplies. With a promising pink sharpie I wrote with a flourish "Jordan's 5 Wishes. Must be accomplished by graduation 2014."

I smiled and tried to keep my hands from shaking. He looked so serene, a calm sunny day compared to me, who was hurricane status with my nerves. I closed my eyes, and a kiss. My mind was blank. Coming back to life, I smiled and let out a small giggle. I pulled him closer into an embrace under the school dance gym lighting and the sway of the slow dance. 2 wishes.

A sea of faces. The sound of my own voice and these familiar faces scared me close to my death. Sweaty hands holding the typed, crinkled page, I rambled off fluff that meant only one thing- please give me a chance. Class secretary might not be all that renowned but finally I was in. 3 wishes.

It was dark, my hands clutched the wheel. My first time going out by myself, a measly distance to a friend's house, but independent nonetheless. Sitting at a red light, I unclutched my hands and relaxed. Smiled. Summer was here, I was progressing. I was happy. 4 wishes.

A blur of time had gone by. A blur of school work and parties and unseen growth. To my surprise, it all happened. It all led me here. The first night of summer after graduation, I sat in my bedroom looking at pictures on my computer of prom and graduation. How did my clueless, awkward self get here? I found that piece of notebook paper in a shoebox in my closet. 5 wishes.

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on Apr. 24 2012 at 1:37 pm
grace sewright, Carefree, Arizona
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Please stop writing about me :/