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No Escape

April 12, 2012
By MayB. SILVER, Rockdale, Georgia
MayB. SILVER, Rockdale, Georgia
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I was walking. When it happened. When IT happened. Hands reached out. Grabbed me. Pulled me to them. I fought. I begged. Please? Was that the right word? No. What was going on? The dragged me. I fought. Fought. No escape. I fell. I feel. The kept dragged me. Dragging me. I scream. Or at least try. There's a hand. Over my mouth. I cry. Tears. In my face. In my mouth. I bite my lip. Bloody tears. I fought. Squirm. Cry. I am thrown. Into a car. It is dark. So dark. The hands leave me. Leave me. Leave the car. I hear a slam. Boom! It is dark. I can not move. Can not see. Can not breath. Why? Another slam. A roar. Are we moving? We are moving. Where are we going? Where? Silence. Can not move. Breath. Think. See. Feel. Am I scared? No. I am far beyond scared. Scared. Get out! I cry. More tears. Tears. In my face. My hair. My body. Shaking. All over. Why? I reach up. Up. There is no up. Just hardness. Hard. So close to my face. Can't move. Move. We stop. Stop. There is silence. Then. More hands. Hands. On me. Grabbing me. Dragging me. Where? It is bright. Can't see. I fall. Dragging me. Pain. My knee is torn. Torn. I cry. Cry. Tears. I am taken inside. Inside. It is dark here. Where is here? Where? There is silence. So much silence. Then something else. Dogs. Barking. At me. Why? Then. Something else. Again. Yelling. Not at me. Who? More silence. So much silence. Still can't breath. I am dragged. Again. Hands. All over me. Fear. Where? Its dark. Again. I'm scared. Again. I can't breath. Again. I am thrown. Again. I lay there. Again. Cold. All over. Everywhere? Where? Am I scared? No. I am numb. I no longer feel. The pain. The fear. Its too much. Someone comes in. Who? Tall. Mean. Cruel.
Grabs me. Shoves me. Pulls me. Again. Again. Again. Its dark. Again. No fear. Just. Awful numbness. I GIVE UP.

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