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Belonging to the Sea

March 28, 2012
By ReaderWriter GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
ReaderWriter GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
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Sun beams hitting my skin, soft wind blowing through my hair, and a slight scent of the salty ocean being inhaled as I look out on to the sun sparkled water. From above it looks calm, silent. But underneath you just know that the ocean is full of life of all sorts. Whales singing their enchanting songs, crabs scuttling along the silt covered floor, schools of fish following each other aimlessly. It is all so perfect, in sync. Every organism knows what the next moment has in store for them; there is no drama, only peace and the fulfillment of the circle of life.
How I envy those creatures in the deep, they can disappear into the deepest trenches, or swim amongst the most beautiful dolphins. They can ride in the waves, or relax and let the current carry you. They have it so easy, so perfect.
I slip off my worn out flip flops, pull my sweater over my head, leaving me only in a plain gray bikini, and my brown hair flowing over my shoulder. I take a look into the ocean from the dock I am standing on, and the next thing I know I am diving in. As I make impact with the cool, smooth water, I am filled with a sense of belonging. I feel as if I was born a fish without gills, not a human girl. I allow myself to feel protected in the calm, clear waters. Fish swim past me, afraid and amused of the sudden addition to their environment. I want to continue to explore, to push myself ever deeper, gliding along in the ocean waves, but my inferior human body cannot withstand a non oxygenated environment. With just a few flicks of my legs I push through the surface of the water back to oxygen, back to reality. I hear the church bells ringing in the distance, symbolizing noon. Reality comes flooding back to me faster than a bolt of lightning and I quickly jump up onto the dock and out of the blissful sea. I grab my belongings and run back up the dock and into my small sea side town. It’s time to live life as a normal human girl, until tomorrow at least, when the sea and I shall meet again.

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