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Death In Love

March 19, 2012
By queennels17 PLATINUM, Wellington, Florida
queennels17 PLATINUM, Wellington, Florida
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What happens when death falls in love ?

Does it simply choose to let people live
And love as well ?
Or does it make love itself become something

Love and death are almost the same you know.
Love makes you do crazy things like forgetting the important decisions in life
It can also make you feel like dying inside

Death sometimes can make a person want love in their life
It makes you want to know where love has gone,
And why it decided to leave you

Death and love need each other to be complete
No matter where their paths go, they always cross each other

Without each other in life, they are nothing.
Like new-found lovers, they are incomplete without each other
One cannot move through the day without the other.

Therefore Death is always in Love.

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