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Burning in Hell...I mean first period

February 28, 2012
By MiniA GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MiniA GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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It's bad enough I have to come to school and weekends might as well pass by like seconds, but I have to basically sit in the middle of a war zone first period.
I've got Fat Stan and Funky Dan sitting on my left and right. My teacher is speaking some foreign language in the front of the class. My ex-best friend pretending I don't exist on the opposite side of the room.
Burt and Ernie wannabes spitting Doritos at the closest poor soul behind me.
My mind is overflowing with
memories of my very best mate (who came to my school last year) simply because there's NOTHING ELSE to think about.
The tweaks might as well be stripping in the corner...AND my friend Janey giving me "Help me Lily" eyes in the Burt Danger Zone.
Then to think... this is only year one of my high school life...

The author's comments:
Think your first period sucks? Meet Lily in Algebra..

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