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A Soldier's Letters To His 'MOTHERS'

January 16, 2012
By Manish9 SILVER, Kanpur, Other
Manish9 SILVER, Kanpur, Other
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Letter 1 ...

Dear Mother Who gave Birth To me ,

How are you Ma ? I hope you are good in health and high in spirits.

There are certain things that i want to tell you while i still can . Don't worry, everything is fine here and the tension in Dras Sector is now easing away . The guns on both the sides of the L.O.C have been quiet for sometime now . It's just something that i have been thinking about lately .

Yesternight, as i was patrolling an abandoned street in Srinagar , i saw an old woman cowering under a tree. She was shivering in the cold of the night as she tried her best to stay warm by wrapping around her the reg she had for a shawl . Her face was wrinkled , her hands like skeleton's and hollow eyes gazed into the night sky .I felt pity for her an gave her an extra jacket from my truck . I felt happy after that , and warm on the inside ! Everything was fine until she spoke these words to me , 'May God bless you SON !'

It was then when my mind was first struck with this thought .She too must be a mother to someone just like you are to me , wouldn't she Ma ? What kind of son he must have been to have left her mother out to face the world on her own ? Where was he at her time of need ? Wasn't she the same mother who must have sacrificed her present for his future ? Then why couldn't that same son of hers sacrifice a little bit of his present so that her mother can at least spend her last few moments in peace and comfort ?

I felt sorry for her Ma . But my purpose of writing to you is something else. Seeing that old woman made me realise and reminded me of the duties that i as a son fold towards you . I know , it seems strange that i am saying all these things to you now but i wanted you to know one thing . I will never desert you in your time of need. like a Shadow i shall be with you always . I will fulfil every duty that I as a son have towards you . Even after performing my duties , i shall forever be indebted to you Ma , because it is you who gave me life and made me the person i am today. Just want you to know that I Love You Ma , and always will !

Take care Ma . Love you more than my life .

Your's lovingly
Your Soldier son

Letter 2 ...

Dear Mother India ,

Dear Mother ; who feeds me and my family and gives us our daily bread , may you be 'Free' from bondages and dangers of all types . May 'Freedom' , 'Independence' and 'Sovereignty' forever be your's !

I am just one of your many valiant son that you have raised , loved and cared for over the Ages. I took time from my daily routine to write to you about some issues that have been troubling me for quite some time now . From times Immemorial, you have given birth to civilisations of great men . You have provided us with rich resource that ensure our prosperity . You gave us The 'Great Himalayas' in the north which have guarded us for a long time from various dangers known and unknown . And we in return of this great boon that you have provided to us promise that we will lay down our live to ensure that that head of these 'Guardian mountains' remains held high . You also gave to us great rivers like the Ganga , Yamuna , Brahmaputra , Indus , sutlej and many more which have always quenched our thirst by providing us with the Life blood i.e , the crystal clear water to which we owe our abundant harvests and fertile lands . In the west you gave to us The great 'Thar desert' which has always proved to be a blessing of your's in disguise . It's inhospitable environment has always discouraged the attacks or foul ambitions of other hostile civilisations which otherwise could have looted us of our wealth , prosperity and peace . In the south you gave us The 'Great Indian Ocean' , which provides us with the much needed Monsoon rains after the reign of the unforgiving and scorching Summer sun ! In the east you gave to us the vast and rich 'Rain forests' which have provided us with clean , fresh air , food , medicines and many other things without which our existence couldn't have been possible .

All these things combined together to give birth to a civilisation so Great that it attracted others from all around the worldwith it's splendor . We taught to the world how to count as one of your Great sons , 'Aryabhatta' gave to the world 'ZERO', without which no worthwhile discovery could have been made ! We gave to the world the Medical science in the form of 'Rig Veda' and 'AYURVEDA' which have provided the world with natural cures to many diseases prevailant even today . We gave to the world the four Great religions : 'Hinduism' , 'Sikhism' , 'Buddhism' and 'Jainism' ! But Mother , none of this would have been possible without your Love and Care.

Thus I as an indebted son of your's to you and my fellow countrymen my Devotion . I pledge that i will be at your service, be it required in any form , at any time and at any place . I pledge to guard you against all dangers External and Internal at all costs . I pledge you my life which i shall happily give away if required at your service .

Dear Mother India , I pledge to you my Life , My soul and everything near and dear to me . I shall always strive to uphold the glory of the Tricolour !

Your's Dutifully
A Soldier Son

The author's comments:
Call me a devotional , eccentric or a patriot , i dont mind at all ! Afterall loving one's country and parents is not a crime , specially when you are 'Enlisted' in the Defence services !

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