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Exam Day

January 10, 2012
By BitBit SILVER, Haltom, Texas
BitBit SILVER, Haltom, Texas
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I lay my head down and let my music drown out the silence in the classroom. The only noise you could hear is pencil writing across paper. It's exam week in the High Schools. I finished my test pretty much as soon as it was handed to me. If only I didn't cut so many days of school then maybe, just maybe, I could have avoided taking the damn test. But at least the school year is half way over, just that much closer to freedom.

I sigh and try to sink down further in my seat. The clock on the wall tick, ticks away but its nowhere near freedom then it was five minutes ago. Slowly the hands move as students hand in their exams. I look around to see about half the class still working on their test. Most kids stare at the page with a blank stare or have a frustrated expression, the gears working away in their brain. Some kids "huff" out their frustration while others let out a sigh of defeat.

I turn away and look at the wall before me, wishing it could offer some sort of entertainment. But the only thing it provides is classroom rules that High Schoolers should know by now. Sadly though most kids don't; leaving the other kids that understand have to suffer through rules they've known since pre-k. I close my eyes to block it out and try to make the time pass by faster. Images begin to go through my mind as they come together to make a story.

My breathing levels and the images become clearer as I drift off to sleep. Characters I've created begin to act out scenes that form my dream. Events from the real world mix in with the make believe world I've created. There's a lot of background noise from the real world leak into my dream. Slowly the volume of chatter increases and my dream becomes further away. I tighten my eyes and try to push out the noise; to stay in my dream. Only fragments of my dream are coming through as the world around me grows louder. The shrill bell snaps me awake singling that school is out. Kids jump up and dash out the door, ready to get home and laze around. I shake my head, shaking away the haze I woke up in. I walk away from school to go home and prepare to do the same thing tomorrow.

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