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The Letter

December 6, 2011
By Noni3280 BRONZE, Warrnambool, Other
Noni3280 BRONZE, Warrnambool, Other
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Chapter 1
I look around, all I can see is bush, all I can hear is laughing. It's a horrible, ghastly laugh that sends shivers up my spine and puts goose bumbs on my skin. All I can think about is how did I get into this mess in the first place? It all started with Samantha.
Why did she have to send me that letter? The day she sent me the letter I was on a high, I was going to the arcade with my new friend Henry who lives next door.
"Posty!" yells Mum.
Everytime the posty comes Mum always expects me to get the mail, I'm not a dog. As a joke, and to let everyone see how good of a mood I was in, I bark at the posty. Hahaha, I love today and just to make the best day ever even better, in the mail was a letter from the girl I liked, Samantha, who told me to meet her at the tree house on friday night. I skipped next door to find Henry's dog Kip rolling in the mud. Kip leaps up and looks straight at me.
"Oh no," I say as I back away, "Ahhhhh!"
There was one thing I didnt like about Henry, he LOVED dogs. Now I don't mind them, but he likes the orphaned mangy ones. In fact, he goes up to the RSPCA once a week to pick up some neglected mutt. Today, it was Kip the Chihuahua. Kip could be called cute, but only by a blind person. Henry rescues me just in time and pulls me inside the door.
"Close one!" I say.
"Definitly, so all set for the arcade?" says Henry.
I say, "Yeah, but first we need to drop past Samantha's house. I need to tell her something."
I say this trying not to give anything away, but unfortunately, he see's right through me. Did I tell you, he's got this freaky gift for being able to read your body language like a book?
"Isn't she the girl I saw you looking at the other day at school?" Henry enquires.
"Maybe...." I try to say it with a straight face but can't help but smile thinking about her.
"Come on mate, you and I both know you cant keep a secret from me. Now tell me honestly, what is it that you like about her. I find her a bit creepy. There's something not quite right with her," he says as nicely as he can.
"I guess she likes to prank people....alot, but I don't think that's called being creepy, just having fun. I'd be to nervous to do anything like that to a teacher, so I have to admit she's got guts," I say.
"Yeah I geuss, but come on mate, there's something else about her, that's just not quite right."
"Well then," I say to him, "Look me in the eye, and say there's nothing wrong with Kiana?" "Touche', we better get going then."
Me and Henry go out the back so as to avoid Kip. I have the letter safe in my pocket to remind me of the address. I'm start getting terrified! I take a deep breath, and knock on the door.
"Coming!" yells a cute voice from inside.
Here she comes, I say to myself.
"Hi there," she says, "Whats going on? Did you get my letter?"
I say, "Yeah, but how did you know about my tree house? I thought Henry and me were the only ones who knew about it?"
"I have my ways," she says.
I'm starting to think about what Henry said about her being creepy.
"Oh ok, well I just wanted to say...say.." I get a bit tongue tied, but as a good friend should Henry steps in and says,
"He'll meet you there after he comes to my house, bye!" I wave to Samantha as Henry pulls me in the direction of the Arcade.
Chapter 2
The Arcade was fun, but I couldn't stop thinking about Samantha. What could she want to show me in the tree house? How did she know about my tree house? Frankly I didn't know what to expect from her, She was always so unpredictable, and I liked that.
While we were leaving we found Kiana sitting by herself outside. Henry, of course, walked in her direction so we had to say hello.
"Hi guys!" she said.
"Hey! What are you doing at the arcade?" asks Henry.
"Waiting for my friend," says Kiana.
"Oh, ok." he says.
"Good to see you Kiana, hopefully we'll see you on monday," I say trying to get Henry away from there, I don't want Kiana spoiling the whole day for everyone and when I say everyone I just mean me. Me and Henry go back to his house for a fun afternoon of Computer Games and PS3.
Here's a little secret, I LOVE to read. I dont tell many of my guy friends that, because for some reason, It's looked down upon. When I get home, I start to read, "How to kill a mocking bird." I love that book! In fact last year, my super awesome english teacher, Ellen-Kate Wayyers, let me do two book reports instead of one.
Once in the library at school, a girl caught me reading in the back corner of the room and the girl, a.k.a, Samantha promised she would keep it a secret. I hope she's good at keeping secrets. I know, not exactly the best way to meet, but in the weeks that followed, we became pretty good friends.
We read, and wrote, and then read a bit more. Then there was the day I heard her plotting against Ms. Black, and that just brought us even closer together. I like to think of myself as an accomplice of some sort. In the end, that one second in the library was what made me like her.
After I finish the chapter of my book I go have a snack and watch some telly. On the news they are still talking about how some idiot tied up a girl on a chair and knocked her out at school. That happened a week ago, they still won't let out who did it because the school keeps everything locked tight.
It's Friday and I'm off to the Tree House to meet Samantha. When I get there I see she has already made herself at home, she has curtains...curtains, in my tree house! Next thing you know, she'll want a powder room or something... any way, I make my way up the ladder, and enter the tree house.
"Hi there." she says.
"Hi," I say shyly.
"Are you ready?" she asks.
"Ready for what?" I say.
Chapter 3
"Didn't you know, I've been planning a prank for weeks, I thought you would be able to tell by now when I get a genius idea," says Samantha. "My plan is quite simple, all we have to do is talk backwards!" she says.
All we have to do is talk backwards? That's it , she's gone crackers.
"How will that make Ms. Black pay?"
"You'll see, you'll see!" she says to herself, creepy.
At school the next day, we saw Ms. Black.
"Ih Sim Kcalb. Woh Era Ouy Yadot?"
"Pardon, what was that Children?" says Ms. Black.
"Ih Sim Kcalb. Ouy Era Na Toidi!" we say in unison.
We practised that part all last night.
"I'm so sorry children, but I'm getting a bit deaf in my old age. You'll have to speak up a bit."
"Tub Sim Kcalb, Er'ew Gnikeaps Sa Doul Sa Ew Nac! Ew Etah Ruoy Stug!" we say to her, now shes getting a bit angry.
"Speaking like what miss black?" we ask sweetly.
"It must be language day again," Ms. Black says to herself as she walks away.
"Sweet!" I say, "It's working already!"
"That's because i'm the best pranker there ever will be in this here town," Samantha says proudly. "Thom, we have to meet up at the next destination in 1.4 hours!"
"You got it!"
In 1.4 hours on the dot, me and Samantha arrive at the playground. This is it, the time we pay Ms. Black for the suffering she's caused. Ms. Black is on playground duty, but we like to say she is guarding the prisoners. Today there are zero kids on the playground because they are too scared of Ms. Black.
She see's us go over to the swings with her beady eyes.
"Jaffels ready for liftoff," I whisper, using the code we made up.
"Ready for pranking duty, sir!" she looks at me as if to say, sir?
"Focus!" I say as Samantha sits down on the swings. I go round the back of the swing and start pushing. The plan is if we get it high enough, Sam can shoot Jaffels from her hands to Ms. Black's big bushy hair. Perfect snake nest, don't you agree?
Sam finally swings high enough and I see a spot of coulour fly through the air. Score! Jaffels landed right on Ms. Blacks face, even better.
She screams, "Ahhhhhhhh!"
We run up to her and pretend we are trying to help but oviously we are not.
"Era Ouy Thgirla, Sim Kcalb!" yells Samantha.
"Ouy Kool Tib A Ylgu!" I add.
"Get away from did this, didn't, ahhhhhh!" says Ms. Black in a rush of anger and shock as she runs off in a frantic panic.
We decide to follow her for a laugh so we ditch school and run after her. We go and sit behind a bush, i'm quite shocked as I watch Ms. Black trudge through the trees. She has gone mad, i'm certain.
I here laughing it's a horrible, ghastly laugh that sends shivers up my spine and puts goose bumps on my skin. Yep, definitly mad.
"I can't believe it worked!" says Samantha sounding shocked, "I mean.....of course it worked!"
We can finally get on with our lives.
Of course, it wasn't that simple, the next day Ms. Black was once again patrolling the Playground like nothing ever happened. How does she do that?
"Come On!" says Samantha.
"Don't worry you'll get her next time." In the end it wasn't that bad getting the letter, afterall I got to see Ms. Black go insane with a snake on her head.

The author's comments:
This is the sequel to 'The Biggest Prank' and this time it's about a boy who helps Samantha with her prank.

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