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The Biggest Prank Yet

December 6, 2011
By Noni3280 BRONZE, Warrnambool, Other
Noni3280 BRONZE, Warrnambool, Other
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Chapter 1
I am in Detention. All I can think about is why I got into this mess in the first place. It all started with that English teacher of mine, Ms. Black. I'm good at English, but for some reason she still hates me. Ms. Black gave me a project on a book called 'How to Kill a Mockingbird' and I have to write a 2000 word report.
Normally I wouldn't mind doing that, but the thing is, i have already done a report on that book. There is a guy I know who likes reading, Thom his name is, he loves this book, so he gave me a few pointers but I'm still dreading going to school today, but mum sees through my headache and sends me anyway.
When I hand out my report she thinks that I cheated, (That must mean I did a good job), so I deny, deny, deny, but still get sent to detention. Not a good day for me. Having said that, most days aren't good days for me. I used to love school, but now, I try every day to get out of it.
The only thing I still look forward to every day was my guitar, and today, I had to play in the school band rehearsal. The reason why I had a part in the band is because I kept getting sent to detention,(By the way, most times its not my fault) but that was one good thing that came out of my hard work.
Now that I think about it, the only times its been my fault, were times when I had pulled pranks on Ms. Black. One time I put a gummy worm in her apple, that was hilarious, but the more I got detention, the more I had to think. This means the better I got at English, the more times I had to go to detention. One day I would get back at Ms. Black for good.
When I get to band practice my friend Kiana waves me over to the seat next to her, I sit down and unpack my guitar.
"Why do you pretend you don't like the band, when you obviously do?" Kiana says.
"I just don't want Ms. Black to win. If I like something she told me to do, that's a victory for her." I say.
"That isn't your way of getting back at her is it?" says Kiana.
"No way, I have something far more exciting up my sleeve!"
"What is it?" asks Kiana.
"I cant tell you yet, but i need to get an elastic band and a snake by the end of the week. make sure to bring your camera on Friday will you?"
Kiana looks a bit unsure, but I know she is always up for a good joke.
"Sure thing," Kiana says. We finish off the lesson with a bang, literally, the guy playing the trombone tripped and fell on the drum set.
Chapter 2
When I get home I search for an elastic band, I'm getting frustrated because i can't find any.
"MUM!" I yell, "Do we have any Elastic bands?"
"NO!" She sounds grumpy.
Uh oh, I know that voice. It must be time for reports, Mum always seems to get a bit grumpy around this time of year.
"How well did I do this year Mum?"
"Not good at all. You failed P.E and English again. Maths you only just passed, and I don't want to repeat what you Science Teacher said, That's it!" says Mum, "No TV for a month and i don't want to hear any complaining."
I want to argue with her but I decide to save my breath for after I get back at Ms. Black. I like TV, but it's not my favourite thing to do, at least I can get all the pieces for my prank.
Later on that day, I went to the pet shop to try and buy a snake. On the way to the shop, guess who I saw? Ms black! I try to stay low and not draw attention to myself, but it's too late.
"Samantha!" she says.
She looks shocked to see me in a place other than detention.
"Hi Ms. Black, fancy seeing you here," I say.
"Why aren't you in detention?" she asks as politely as she can.
"It's 5:30 pm, Ms. Black. Detention finished an hour ago."
I say in a falsely sweet tone. Wait a minute, the pet shop shuts at 6, I've got to hurry.
"Sorry, I have to pick up a snake before the shop shuts."
"A snake!" she says, once again shocked.
"Uhh, Snack! Not a snake, that would just be ridiculous."
"That's alright then, off you go and just a reminder, you need to hand in that poetry assignment next week or your going to get in a lot of trouble."
She says that last part with just a bit to much hope in her voice for my liking. I say my goodbyes and run all the way to the pet shop. I see in the window there is a Snake sale, Perfect!
I have money saved for special occasions and this is definitely special. I walk inside the shop, 5:50. Phew! Just in time. Inside the shop, I see the perfect snake. Its small enough and it's fairly bright and colorful, I will name it Jaffles! Hopefully it will be poisonous as well.
"How much for the snake?" I ask the owner in the most innocent voice I can.
"Aren't you a little too young to be buying a snake?" asks the man.
"My Mum gave me permission, see!" I pull out the slip of paper Mum signed for detention and covered the detention part with my fingers.
"Ok then," he says, not too sure. That was easy!
Chapter 3
I wake up this morning in a great mood. Finally, Today was the day I would shoot Jaffles at Ms. Black!!!!! It was the day I would pull my biggest prank yet. I'd stayed all night last night practising for the band rehearsal next week but nothings going to stop me from being happy, not many things got me this excited. I pack my bag and go get breakfast, nothing like coco pops to bring your spirits up.
"Your in a good mood today!" says Mum.
"Yes I am!" I say.
When I get to school I am welcomed by Ms. Black. I look her in the eye and try to keep a straight face, but inside I'm thinking, "I'm about to hit you with a snake."
"How are you today Ms. Black?" I ask sweetly.
"Especially Good, thanks to you Ms. Samantha," she says in a posh voice.
Oh, did i forget to mention she has a funny accent too. That's another thing to add to the list of things i don't like about Ms. Black.
"Whys that?" I ask.
"Come into the back room with me." Uh oh, I think. I had been in trouble many times before, but nothing deserving of the back room. The door even looks scary, paint peeling, and spots of red I hope aren't blood. she opens the door, and OH NO!! She's got kiana tied up in a chair.
"You don't think I didn't know about your..... little plan, Muahahahaha!" she says.
"I'm so sorry," says Kiana, but gives me a look like she knows what she's doing.
"Why do my friends always end up getting tied up?" I think. Out loud I say, "You think you know about my plan, so why don't you tell me all about It?"
1 hour later Ms. Black finally finishes her speech of what she thinks is going on. I look over at Kiana and not to my surprise she fell asleep.
"... and then you will take my car and drive to Vegas!" Ms. Black takes a deep breath and turns to me.
"Come on, Ms. Black, I don't even know how to drive or parachute from a plane." I say.
"Oh, well in that case I'm sorry for the whole misunderstanding," says Ms. Black.
She goes up to Kiana and unties her gently, says sorry and walks off, acting just like nothing ever happened.
"What was that all about?" I say to myself.
Just then the Principle walks in.
"What happened here?" he asks us in angry voice.
Next thing you know, I'm in detention again for tying up a student and knocking her out! Why does this always happen to me?
"Oh well, there goes that plan," I say to kiana when she wakes up. "Don't worry, Jaffles," I say into my pocket, "There will be a next time, and a time after that! I wont give up on getting back at her till I'm old and grey."

The author's comments:
This story is about a girl who wants to get back at her teacher.

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