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August 18, 2011
By snaomi PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
snaomi PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
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Izzie wants to play hidengoseek becuz its her berthday so she gets to do watever she wants. I think she onley wants to play becuz she nos Im bad at hidenseek. Shes sicks yeers old today and Im onley five so she nos she can beet me. All her frends are sicks too and sum of them are sevn so they all no how to play better then me and evn wen I think I have a good hidin spot they find me in no time at all! They also like to make me be “it” which I dont like beeing. Thats why I dont like playing with them all the time.
But today I cant say no becuz its Izzies berthday and shes my sister so it wood be meen to say no.
She tells me to be “it” but I start to cry not becuz I have to cry but becuz sumtimes if I cry she duznt make me do wat she wanted me to do. Mommy says Izzie dont make Jemmie be it first and Izzie says but Mommy I dont wanna play with her shes reely bad and Mommy says I dont care you be nice and let her play and dont make her be it!
And thats that.
I love Mommy becuz she takes my side sumtimes and makes Izzie play with me.
Okay Izzie says then Sophys gonna be it and shes gonna count to thirty and then find us and Sophy does it cuz its Izzies berthday.
One Too Three says Sophy and its time to find a hiding place. Today I wanna find a place better then any other day. I wanna make Izzie sorry she ever told Mommy I was bad at hidengoseek and I wanna make her have to try reely reely hard to find me and maybe she wont evn find me until dinnertime and shell have to wait to eat her cake until she finds me!
So I dont go to any of my old hiding places I go to find sum place new that Ive never hided in befor. I dont wanna go into the basemint the basemint is scarey and dark and evn tho Mommy says there arent any monsters in the basemint I think shes just saying it becuz the monsters never come out when Mommys around. I go upstares and upstares is were Mommy and Daddys bedroom and me and Izzies bedroom is but were not allowed to play hidengoseek there becuz thats “in vision of pry vazy” or sumthing that’s reely bad Mommy says.
My rooms boring to play in and Izziell be mad if I hide under her bed but I go in anyway becuz I cant think of any other place and wen I go in the windo is open and I have the best idea Ive ever had and probably a better idea then Izzies ever had and shes sicks years old!
I go to the windo and clime up on my desk. From here I can see the roof which Mommy says never go on but she never sed we cudnt go on during hidengoseek and all the rules are diffrent during hidengoseek. So I put my leg out the windo and get on the roof and its reely hi up but its reely flat so I wont fall and Im not afraid of hites like Izzie is Im much braver then Izzie!
Up up up the roof! I no that theres a windo rite above mine and that windo gos into the attik and the attik is the perfect place to hide. Nobody ever gos into the attik ecksept on holidays wen Daddy gets decorashuns for the tree. The windo is closed but I can pull it open from outside and Im not afraid of falling becuz Im the bravest girl in the world wen I play hidengoseek.
The attik is dark but not scarey dark like the basemint and I thot I was gonna hide in the corner to wait but now I see a bocks with a hevy lid thats big enuf for me to clime into. Evn if Izzie cums up here she wont find me no she wont.
I have to push a button on the outside of the bocks to make it open and the lid is oh so hevy but its okay becuz Im strong and I get it up anyway. Then I pick up my foot and put it over the side and pick up my other foot and put it over the side and then I let the lid fall all the way back into place with a THUNK. Evn if Izzie cud here the THUNK I dont think shed no were it came from.
Hahaha. Izzie thinks shes so great but not anymore. This time Im gonna win. Shell never find me!

Its been a year at least. I cant here anything from this bocks and I dont think Izzies evn thot to look up in the attick. I bet shes feeling reely stupid becuz she didnt find me first this time. Evry time I think about her face I laff becuz she must look so silly asking Mommy were I went. Shell probably get mad and yell and cry and Mommy will tell her shes a big girl and dont throw a tantrum and shell look so silly akting like a baby in front of her frends!
Im a good littel sister but sumtimes I like it wen Izzie akts yunger then me becuz it makes me tired to be a littel sister all the time.

I reely reely have to pee but Im afraid if I go out Izzie and Mommy will find me! I wudnt care if they find me ecksept that if Izzie hasnt found her frends then Ill lose and I dont wanna lose this time nope not this time.

Mommy will get mad if I pee in the bocks but I dont think I can do anything else. Also evn tho the roof wasnt scarey to clime up I dont wanna clime down it so Id rather Izzie come up thru the door in the attick floor so I can clime down a ladder.

But furst she has to think I cud be in the attick wich I dont think she will not yet. Thats becuz I picked the best hiding place ever and this time Im gonna win! Just see if I dont!

Now its been a year and another year definitly. Izzies cried and had a tantrum and now Mommy is probably thinking she shud look for me too just in case. I think thats happend but I dont no becuz I still cant here anything from my bocks. Its a reely stuffy bocks. I can roll over and crall around but I cant lie down all the way becuz its a big bocks but not that big.
I hope Mommy isnt mad that shes gonna have to go looking for me too. I dont no if she will for shure but I dont think Izzie will think to look in the attik so I bet Mommy will go looking and Mommy will find me.
I hope she dusnt yell at me for climeing on the roof. I no it was okay becuz were playing hidengoseek but now Im not shure if Mommy will think it was okay. So maybe I hope Izzie finds me insted and shell be so happy to find me that she wont tell Mommy how I got up here.

I dont like not hereing anything. It was fun for a wile becuz I pretended I was a pirate and then I pretended I was a princess and then I pretended I was a dinasoar and there wasnt any sound to make me forget that I was make beleeving. But now I wish I cud here Izzie or Mommy looking for me. Just to no they didnt forget about me.

Maybe Ill lift up the top of the bocks just for a second so I can lissen.

The top of the bocks wont move! I push again but it dusnt move not evn an inch. I push again and then I remember the button I had to push to get into the bocks and maybe the button onley works on the outside so if you crall in your stuck.
Maybe Im stuck.
I push again and then I feel around in case theres a button on the inside too but theres not. Im stuck. I have to wait for Mommy to find me. Or Izzie. Or Daddy evn. Sumbody has to find me. Dont they?

I dont wanna cry becuz onley babies cry but I dont like this bocks anymore its small and dark and I dont like the dark!
I dont wanna be here! I dont wanna be crying!

Mommy! Mommy! Izzie! Izzie! Mommy! Izzie! Mommy!
I dont think she can here me and I feel stoopid for crying but Mommy! Mommy!
Pleez come find me! Its so dark in here! Mommy! Its dark and scarey and I dont wanna be here Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

Okay. If Izzie comes upstares and finds me in the attick in a bocks crying for Mommy shell laff at me. Shell say Im silly and Im a baby and I dont wanna be a baby. So I have to not be scared. Scared peeple dont win hidengoseek.
Im not scared.
Not scared.
Its kind of nice to be stuck.
Nice and quiet. I can take a nap. I can sing to myself. I can make up stories.
I can pretend Im a letter in an envelop and Im flying across the contry to sumbody famos like Princes Jasmin or Cinderella.
Its very nice and safe being a letter. Waiting to be opend.

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