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July 14, 2011
By Wildflower30 SILVER, Kolkata, Other
Wildflower30 SILVER, Kolkata, Other
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A grimy day, it was. Summer. Dry, dry summer. It could have been a little dramatic to say 'in the wild, wild west'. But it was in the 'tame, tame east'. Or so we thought.
We were a bunch of overworked teenagers, savouring the freedom we earned, after our exams. So what if the rain was not celebrating with us? We could raise our own glasses anytime! But it would be appreciated if it were at least half full.
Who was I? I was Miss Cellophane. Like the song from 'Chicago', I was Miss Cellophane.
I could faintly hear voices. Yes, I was half asleep, my answer script below my cheek. Was I satisfied? Yes, very much. Scoring the highest in Mathematics just might had been harder for my peers.
I heard Miss Vanity squeal, 'HOW could I make a mistake here? Didn't you see me do the sum for you guys on the blackboard?'
The listeners wanted to nod, but her reference rang no bell. Of course it didn't. Because it NEVER HAPPENED!

Another group of people were talking about how they would burn off the steam and laze around until next semester, just like they had done this time.

Another group was busy looking for mistakes in their papers. Their voices were tearful. They were the timid, bullied ones.
Miss Stalker jumped from group to group, trying to blend in, only to be rendered futile, just like my previous attempts to show people that their topper was ME.
But who was I? That girl who made the teacher smile and say, 'Good job, dear.' Not the girl who would say to her, 'Ma'am, I found this hugely difficult sum in this fat book, which I cannot solve!' And what would people do? Sigh at Miss Vanity's collection of books and say, 'She has so much time! She is so dedicated!'
I sat up straight. I looked at my 99. I heaved a happy sigh. Mum and Dad will be ecstatic, I thought. Then I beckoned towards my best friend, who found it hard to let go of all her listeners. Some of them, I noticed, were bored. They all smiled at me when I approached.
'Topper!' one crooned. She gave me a high-five. I wondered at it. Wasn't I too shy to talk to people and brag about my achievements?
I couldn't help smiling. Miss Cellophane? Nah, not anymore. They were now discussing about me. Me! Miss Vanity had a dark look on her face. I looked at the sum she was complaining about.
'If you don't know the formulae,' I said, penning down the method, 'you don't know anything.' I showed them the answer, which everyone started copying. Miss Vanity looked away. Did I love my best friend? Sure!

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