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Lucky Me

June 26, 2011
By PrettyInside BRONZE, Deal, Other
PrettyInside BRONZE, Deal, Other
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I heard a buzzing. I prised my eyes open and the light hit hard. They snapped shut, but I forced myself to focus and wake up. My body started to jerk into life and I raised one arm. It fell, hard, onto my infuriating alarm clock and the irritating buzzing stopped. I knew then that I would have to get up and get ready for school. My hand slid across the duvet and pulled upwards. A sudden rush of ice-cold air swept my body. I jumped up; startled, and grabbed for my dressing gown. Once I was nicely wrapped and cosy I took my watch off of my dresser and attached it to my right wrist. I slowly wandered over to the mirror. My reflection stood there and mocked me. There standing in the mirror was a girl this girl was a body with no soul. She was too skinny. Her legs underneath her body made me feel sick. They were like twigs, ready to snap at any moment. I lifted my dressing gown and she did the same. I saw the girl’s ribs sticking out from her body. Her stomach was a weird, sick shape. My eyes followed the body in the mirror. No chest what so ever. A scrawny neck and a giant head with a massive nose placed in the middle of her face. The reflection cried. I wiped my weeping face, and brushed my long blond hair. After I had finished putting up my hair into a messy bun, I started to put on my school uniform. I hate my school. They make me wear a hideous skirt that shows my disgusting legs.
After I had finished slipping into my school uniform I trudged down the stairs into the kitchen. I headed towards the cereal cupboard, but stopped in my tracks. I turned swiftly on my heels and walked away from the food as fast as I could. I rushed for the door and jumped outside. I was out. Now all I had to do was walk to school. Great it was raining and I had forgotten my umbrella. I started to jog along the road. I didn’t care how stupid I looked I just wanted to get to school as soon as possible. I ran and ran as fast as my scraggy legs would carry me. I ran past the corner shop, the old school, the park and then when I was only 40 metres from the entrance to the school; I stepped in the largest of puddles. And, no this wasn’t just any old puddle. This one was muddy with dead leaves floating in it. It was the last two days of rain mixed with muddy trainers and the grime from the pavement. The putrid water splashed right up my leg and onto my skirt. My face fell, and I could sense the day ahead of me. I felt as if this day was going to be horrendous. Just my luck... I was only 40 metres, if that, from the entrance of the school. Lucky me!
I wiped my leg with the tissue I had in my pocket. Then proceed to pick the little bits of saturated tissue off my tights that were clinging for dear life. I peered at my watch through my tears. Twenty to nine. I was late. Again! I raced up the path and entered the old building for another long, hard, boring day at the mind-numbing place we call school. Panic struck my body as I appeared in the corridor, all by myself. Where was everybody? Then it hit me like a tennis ball hits a racket. I was late. Everyone else was in lessons already, learning how to make x the formula of some equation we are never going to use. I belted down the corridor, and down the stairs to the office. I’m sorry I’m late I breathed, trying to catch my breath. The women behind the desk just started indignantly at me. Her eyes penetrating my very soul. I looked her in the eyes with the most sorrowful look I could give.
“Write your name on this late slip” she croaked.
I shakily jotted my name down on the pink slip. This was my seventh one this term. I handed the slip back to the lady behind the desk and slipped up the stairs to get to maths.
Miss Heart sighed as I pushed open the maths room door.
“Why is it so hard for you to be on time, Tammy? Sit down.”
The whole of the class had stopped working out their calculations and were staring right at me. I could feel my cheeks grow rosy. I tried to cover my face. I could hear the populars at the back sniggering at me. I glanced up at them and they momentarily stopped... until I then put my head back down. I really wanted to go over there and give them a piece of my mind. But of course they were higher in the school and they would never let me hear the end of it. I just sat at my desk, and accepted my fate. Fractions!

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