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On the run

June 5, 2011
By Taomeow BRONZE, Dhaka, Other
Taomeow BRONZE, Dhaka, Other
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a question makes me hazy, is it me or the others crazy?

She sprang out of the house - thoughts scattering here and there at sixes and sevens on her mind. She has thought about the pros and cons of running away. If she runs away then she might get to see the world, how it looks like outside this apartment, get to know many other ones of her kind - the main advantage she’d get is FREEDOM! Again there are negative sides of running away. She might get into fights and injure herself, get caught by wicked people and they might kill her, get flattened under the city vehicles, what if she couldn’t find any food, and comfy, where would she find that in the middle of the broad streets? Too many matters that requires clear thoughts. But her time is running out. She could hear the door of their apartment slamming behind her back...FOREVER! What if her family never takes her back? Where would she go? She approached the elevator. The slide doors of the elevator were sliding open. A stranger coming out of it totally freaked her out. Goosebumps appeared on her whole body and her body bended in a fierce way! She turned vicious in terror in order to save herself from any unwanted danger. She did not trust anybody except her family who she thought has already abandoned her. The stranger gave her a dirty look and drifted off toward the rooftop. She heaved a sigh of relief and turned backward wondering if the door would open again. To her angst the door seemed to be shut as firmly as it were before. She felt that her eyes got filled with tears, the same old tears that used to show up when her hosts used to lock her up in her room because of her occasional abnormal behavior and she stared at them through the huge glass window. She WILL miss the warmth of the lap of her sister and the fun playing with the round mangoes under the guestroom bed, mischief she shared with mom-dad and uncles, their loving maid, EVERYTHING! The tear that she held carefully couldn’t be halted anymore. It ran all the way down to her neck as she realized what a mistake she has done. She approached her leg toward the staircase. Suddenly the front door of their apartment opened wide. There was standing her sister with a merry face, me. Behind me was our mother. She was smiling as well. Tao, my little sister, sprang to my lap and I held her tight.
Will you ever leave us again, stupid? I cooed.
Her reply, that means she’ll never do that ever again. Hope that she never does that. Because then I’ll miss her to death as she is my favorite pet of all time. She is a two and a half months old kitten of Toyger/Bengal breed and I love her to death. If she were ever on the run then no one would ever get as hurt as I would.

The author's comments:
it's a real incident and when i was writing this story my mom locked up Tao inside her room again as she was disturbing my mom while she was getting her everyday house-works done. Tao jumped out of the window and landed on the 4th floor of our building(we live on the 5th floor). the members of that apartment found her and shooed her out of their house. meanwhile i finished writing this story and went out for looking Tao but i couldn't find her anywhere. after a long period of search i founded her on the staircase of the 4th floor staring upwards awkwardly waiting for me to pick her up!

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