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Rosie's Diary: Mama's Story

May 10, 2011
By jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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May 9

Today is the day that my Mama left us. I haven’t seen her in a few years. I grew up. I was 9 when I wrote my first entry, Papa. I know it’s been kind of crazy and everything, but I’m 11 now and I know what I’m doing. I know why he died, and it’s not my fault. And now that I have enough courage to write, this is my second entry.
• • •

Mama and Papa were yelling at each other in the room one night. I couldn’t sleep because I could hear them talking. “No, I should get her!” Papa screamed. Mama was quiet, the room was quiet, and then finally sound broke out. “No, I should take her. She’s my little girl, I gave birth to her, and you just… helped.” Mama screamed at Papa. Papa laughed sarcastically and I heard the door open and then close with a bang.

I heard footsteps coming towards me and then I pulled the covers over and faked the sleeping. I then heard someone come in my room and then sit next to me. I heard sobbing and then I quietly pulled the blanket down and I saw Mama. She was crying. I twitched and my Mama felt it and she looked at me, tears falling down her face. “I-I’m okay, R-Rosie.” She said.

I hugged her and she hugged back and she cried. “Mama, don’t be sad! You’ll see me here and there!” I told her. She laughed. She wiped her tears and then looked at me. “I know sweetheart, it’s just… that I don’t want that maniac father’s of yours to take care of you. You know how he is.” She told. I disagreed in a nod. “He’s nice to me!” I told her.

“No, he’s not!”

“Yes he is. You don’t see the way he treats me!”

“Yes I do. And your coming with me, Rosie!”

“No!!” I screamed. Mama then swung her hand to my cheek and the force made me turn right and the pain started to come. I started crying. I got out of bed and ran to Papa. Mama was screaming my name, but I ignored it. I opened the door of Papa and Mama’s room and then he saw me and I ran to him and cried into his shirt.

“What happened?” He asked. I pointed and Mama was standing in the door. He looked at her. “You brought her into this!?! She’s only 7 Maria!” Papa said. Mama walked over and gave him the glare that she always did and then gave me it. She pointed her crooked finger at me and then said, “I won’t forgive you, ever! You didn’t listen to your mother and now you got your wish. I will leave in the morning. I’m sleeping in Rosie’s room, Rosie, you traitor, sleep in this stupid, ridiculous room!” She yelled at me. I then started crying in Papa’s shirt and he started to yell at Mama and Mama left before he got a sentence through to her and she slammed the door.

I looked at Papa, sniffing and then he smiled. “Its okay, Rosie, just sleep. Mama’s a little… annoyed right now.” I nodded and sniffed again and then crawled into the bed and then fell asleep.
• • •

When I woke up the sun was pouring into the room. I covered my eyes and looked around. Papa wasn’t here. He wasn’t here. I heard steps and then the steps stopped. I lay there for a second or so waiting for something to happen. The door opened slowly. I heard someone grunting and then I shivered at the thought. I then quickly started to freak out. Someone pulled the covers and I screamed. Mama was right there and she laughed.

“Ah!” I screamed. I kicked and punch. Mama then soon realized that she had scared the jibbers out of me and she tried to tell me that it’s okay. I then started to stop and then I looked at her and she smiled at me. “Sorry, Rosie ‘bout yesterday and that…” She said pointing to herself. “Its okay, Mama, I’m fine. You sure you want to leave me with Papa?” I asked.

“Yeah, I thought about it and I decided that I’m going to leave you with Papa. You want to stay with me for awhile?”

“Yes, Mama, I want to stay with you just for a while.”

“Good, Rosie, I’m feeling a little lonely now.”


“Because… me and Papa aren’t going to be together, you know, right?”

I nodded. She smiled at me and then I started to feel like I was going to sneeze. “Mama, I’m… I’m…” I started to say. “What?” I started see blurry things, but I couldn’t hold my sneeze. I quickly spun around and sneezed on the pillow. “Bless you. That’s quite a sneeze isn’t it, Rosie?” She asked me. I turned around and nodded. “What’re we going to do?” I asked sitting up.

She shrugged her shoulders and then smiled at me. “What do you want to do?” She asked me. I thought, and thought and then it finally hit me. “I want to go to McDonalds!” She laughed and I was puzzled by this. “Why are you laughing at me, Mama? Was it something I said, something particular?”

“Rosie, dear, it was what you said, ‘McDonalds!’ that made me want to, laugh!”

“Oh,” I said. “Can we go?” She nodded. She got off of the bed and walked out. I followed after her and I heard her whistle my favorite song. I started to whistle it too. She then started to stop in her tracks and she heard me whistle it. She turned around and pointed. “Ha! You do know it!” She said. I laughed. She joined into and I didn’t really care too.

We started to walk again and she told me what she had planned out. I nodded here and there and when we were about to leave Papa was at the door. “Hey, sweetie,” He said stopping. “Where are you going?” I pointed to Mama. “Going with Mama to McDonalds then I’m going to go around with her!” I said excitedly. He smiled. He looked at my Mama. “Maria, take her back in awhile okay? You too have fun!” He walked inside and Mama smiled and nodded.

We were in the car and the car purred to life. Not like a cat, but like a room, room! Kind of thing. We were on the road and we were listening to music. We heard, Thriller, and I hummed to it. It was about October, so that’s why.

When we pulled up to McDonalds I started to jump out of my skin. I then unbuckled myself and opened the door and we walked inside. McDonalds was great though. After that Mama and I went on the Trail and we walked one mile to and back. I was proud. After that Mama dropped me off and I went on with my day.

So that’s what happened to me and Mama and everything. I hope that one day Mama can just find a guy. I heard from Jake that she’s dating someone. Someone who’s an artist or something like that, but Jake say’s that Mama has one of his drawings in the house of hers. He told me that she used one of those dating sites, and I thought it was kind of odd.

Just thinking of this right now makes me want to check it out, maybe later. Well that’s it I guess.

The author's comments:
This is kind of just the back story of what happened to Rosie's Mama. Comment to give me some ideas of the next short story!

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