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The Dim Little Star

May 10, 2011
By Shortblueeyes224 DIAMOND, Auburntown, Tennessee
Shortblueeyes224 DIAMOND, Auburntown, Tennessee
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Black and rough, it helps me climb. Knowing my shoes won’t slip reassures me. I finally acquire the spot I yearn for, up on my roof. Some days I climb up here at the crack of dawn and listen to music. I barely turn the music volume up so I can still here the birds chirp. The music is still there though. It’s just loud enough to help me escape reality. I spend my days trying to flee from the harsh reality of the world. Then other times I depart from reality to watch the stars. I often refer to myself as this one small star, barely lit. I can always spot it because I know its there. Other people probably don’t see it because they tend to look at the brightest and most prevalent stars. Yet, it has been here much longer than the other stars. It is dim and barely burns its fuel. The other stars burn fuel fast because of their immense amount of light they give off into the dark night. They will soon fade into nothing. While I…it sits here, on this warm may night, acquiring knowledge of the world. It will never be the brightest and no one can tell which star is the wisest. From this star, I have learned to be content and do what I can in my life. Never give up hope. Always have faith. Keep striving to do the best I can despite the fact that I will never be at the peak of the mountain. In a sense if I try I can be at the top of my own mountain. One simple star…so, so far, dim and small, but it is my favorite of all.

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