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The Red Apple

May 20, 2011
By Olivia-Schultze SILVER, Houston, Texas
Olivia-Schultze SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The light of the setting sun shown through the window towards where the young girl sat at the table admiring a shiny red apple in her hands. She has been obstinate that she was going to stay home on this summer afternoon instead of going to town with her parents. She felt trepidation overcome her as she thought of what all could go wrong, but her obstinacy was above that.

In spite of what her parents had told her, she wanted to eat this apple in slices and was determined to do so. She knew she'd be chastised, but nothing could detour her from eating HER bright red shiny apple. “What was a lecture from her mother compared to this luscious apple,” she thought. She could almost feel it crunching under her teeth.

She got out the knife just as she'd seen her mother do and held the apple in her hand. She'd failed to anticipate how hard the apple would be for a girl to cut through while holding it in her hand and the blade barely pierced the apple's skin. She raised the knife and brought the knife down with much more force than she had the first time. Not only did it slice through the apple but it left a large bloody gash in the middle of her hand.

The epiphany that there was a large amount of blood gushing from her hand set her alarm. She remained silent and grabbed one of her mother's new white dish towels. Running to the neighbors was her quickest option and so she set off. They took her to get stitches and brought her back home.

She'd never thought this congenital trait of obstinacy could get her into so much trouble. She contemplated her irrevocably stupid actions that afternoon as she waited for her parents to return. Not only had she been unable to eat the apple she'd wanted so much, but now there was no way of hiding it. Her mother didn't even have to tell her that it was presumptuous to try to cut that apple into slices all by herself. As her mother walked through the front door, she shrouded her hand from view, quite ashamed of her actions.

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