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Beginning of what could have been the end

April 29, 2011
By Dr@maGeek SILVER, Mckinny, Texas
Dr@maGeek SILVER, Mckinny, Texas
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Danielle just stood there still in shock. She didn't cry or get angry or even blow it off. There was nothing inside her, she knew that she could keep going through the day but she didn't feel anything about it. It was finally a breaking point in her life that she had been pushed too many times. She could hear the snickering of Braille, the pretty girl with straight long red hair and green eyes and a perfect life.

Danielle still stood there in the school hallway. The bell for the class she was supposed to be in ringing in her ears. Her feet felt heavy on the floor. She stepped, right, left, right left, until she got to a little hidden corner where she could be alone. Then Danielle dropped to the floor and so did the first tear.

All the things people said to her drifted through a stream in her mind. “You really don't belong here Dan.”

“Try a nose job.”

“Uh sorry you cant sit here anymore, sorry.”
“Why cant you just be like Jenifer!”
“Yeah sorry about Danielle she thinks she is like my friend or something.”

Or the newest one from Straight long red hair, “You know I really think your ugly, by the way Brian kissed me yesterday, so I'm guessing you don't have a boyfriend anymore either!” Then laughter, just horrific laughter. Danielle let another tear slip.

Then she just picked herself up, and held tight to her books then just went out one of the back school doors, got in her car and drove home. The thought of getting truancy didn't cross through her mind. She walked in the house and saw that her mom was passed out on the couch with a empty glass beside her. Her dad left a week or so before so he could be a professional gambler with his “Lucky charm daughter.” He got custody of course. Jenifer is only Danielle’s half sister.

She walked to the garage and found a short square blade in her grandpas old mechanics chest. She looked at it for a while. It was sharp. She looked up and tried again to see if she could manage to smile, it just make her begin to sob. “Nobody would care.” Danielle told herself.

Then she took her phone and wrote a note to her mom “It wasn't your fault.” She placed the phone in the fridge next to the bottles of beer so she would find it. Danielle leaned over the couch and kissed her mom on the forehead. “I love you though mom.” She didn't even stir in her sleep.

Then she went upstairs to where Jenifer stayed and took her makeup box in the nook of her arm. So many different colors, all expensive and probably stolen. Perfect Jenifer never got caught.

When Danielle got to the park in the neighborhood beside there's she sat beside the lake under a tree, hidden from the naked eye. She had a plan, she would cover her face in all the makeup, take off her shirt to show off something that was considered beautiful and to her that was her only thing. Then slit her wrists until she bled out, leaving a note saying “I just wanted to be d*mn pretty.”

She as she sat there she looked up and saw a girl walking toward her with a bright yellow headband in her dark hair. “Hey, uh your Danielle right?” “I'm in a grade younger than you, sophomore.” She said attempting to be completely nonjudgmental.

Danielle looked up at her with blankness in her eyes. “Yeah I have seen you around.” She was a little irritated by this girl interrupting, always ready for random hurtful words from a stranger.

“Can I tell you something?” The yellow headband girl looked a little worried and tilted her head insecurely.

“I guess.” Danielle got ready for some kind of ambush.

“Your beautiful."

"Oh God" Danielle thought "Did i hear that right?"

“I am a christian and well I wanted to let you know that I think you are really pretty and that God really loves you and your here for a reason and I was sorta wondering if you would like a hug?” Said Amy, the girl with the yellow headband. She had been having this weird feeling that people at the park in her neighborhood needed love and appreciation and with help from her youth pastor she decided shed come try it out on someone. She saw Danielle sitting by herself and took a chance.

Danielle just began to cry, “Yes, yes.” Amy gasped, her heart touched by the girl and came to sit next to her and hugged her, letting her just cry and cry. “Thank you for coming to me.” Danielle said between sobs.

“Its okay, your okay now, do you want to come over to my house to use my bathroom to clean up, I mean you know me from school so, i think my mom and dad would be okay with it.” Amy shyly said to her, patting Danielle on the back calmly.

Danielle nodded and that was the beginning of something that could have been the end.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the song "I'm so pretty/unpretty" by glee.

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