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Saving the Blind one.

April 28, 2011
By Dr@maGeek SILVER, Mckinny, Texas
Dr@maGeek SILVER, Mckinny, Texas
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Elizabeth sat cross-legged in a church pew on a early Sunday morning. She didn't dare to make eye contact with any of the Christians there she didn't need pity from strangers today. Her day already had gone down hill because of her drive here.

“Lizzie honey you need to hurry up or we will be late.” Her mom pleaded from the living room. Elizabeth was brushing her long straight honey hair in her bedroom, sulking.

“I don't understand why we have to go, we don't even go to church normally plus I have plans today.” She whined, moving her hair into bangs to cover up her gray dull eyes. She had been begging her parents to get her colored contacts so she wouldn't stick out but her parents claimed that would make her vision even more impaired. So she was stuck with bangs.

“Its Easter honey, family day please just hurry.” Her mom said as Elizabeth could hear the front door shut. She huffed and mocked her under her breath.

“Its Easter honey.” Elizabeth hated that they would always go to church on days like this, her parents were such fakes. Just wanting to please the neighbors. Elizabeth grabbed her black shoulder bag she got for Christmas last year and walked to the car where her parents waited.

Crap, Elizabeth thought. Get ready for a lecture from macho dad. “Elizabeth.” He began.

“I know, I know gosh you don't have to scream at me. I'm a bad daughter and I need to be perfect for you just like Amy, your perfect other daughter .” Elizabeth lashed out in bitterness. Her dad who had began to drive down the street slammed on the breaks.

“Listen to me you spoiled brat, you dont get to talk to me like that, maybe you think your some sort of misfit who nobody loves but if who keep acting like this that may become true, I dont want to hear another word out of your Black gunk covered mouth you hear me?” He yelled angrily.

“Yes sir.” Elizabeth said reluctantly and a little frightened. She sat back in her seat and put in her ear phones and pressed play on her I-pod. The one good thing that came out of the accident is that music sounded better now, no distractions. Her hearing went from normal to like super human. Of course she was determined to use her sound to look where to go instead of having to have a cane like some old woman. Elizabeth till stumbled into stuff sometimes but its worked pretty well so far.

Elizabeth was in such deep thought that it scared her when someone who had sat beside her said a happy “Hey!” Great! Another preppy good-doer from the teen society of “Shove this down your throat” She thought but forced a smile, pretending to make eye contact the best she could hoping nobody would notice yet.

“Uh hey sorry didnt notice you there.” Elizabeth muttered. The girl sitting beside her patted Elizabeth on the back kinda of awkwardly then sat straight and shut up, waiting for the Preacher, or Paster or whatever to start talking, Elizabeth assumed.

Suddenly from two speakers and from the original source a friendly mans voice said “Hello everyone, happy Easter!” A few overly happy voices called back “Happy Easter” and “Hey Pastor Andy.” Elizabeth wanted to gag at the strangeness of these people, it was almost sickening how happy they all were.

“So as you all could guess we are talking about Jesus’s time on the cross, in the grave, and hallelujah! His raising from the dead!” A few people cheer’d.

“So if you all will, please turn to Mathew 26 in your bibles.” He said more officially and I could hear pages moving and flipping from all directions but it was kind of music like and pretty not irritating like Elizabeth would normally assume.

“Last Sunday we talked about how Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was betrayed by Judas, Jesus said that he was in such grief that he could die. Scripture says that He was in such emotional pain that he literally sweat blood. He knew what he was about to do but he chose it anyway and ignored to plea’s of his flesh.”

Elizabeth began to listen, something about this seemed different than how the other pastor guys had tought. He really Decided to die on the cross even though part of him didnt want to. That actually sounds realistic and kind of Awesome. Elizabeth sat up a little straighter, interested now. She always liked history.

“ After Jesus Prayed he came back to peter and two other disciples who were waiting and saw that they had fallen asleep. He said “ Could you have not stayed awake, oh the spirit is willing but the flesh is week.” I think that he wasn't just talking about how they had fallen asleep because then he went back to pray he prayed to God “If this cup may pass me by in your will let it be done but It will be done.” So Jesus really didnt want this his flesh was being weak but his spirit wanted to do Gods will, the spirit won over.”

Hmm, she thought this Jesus guy is pretty cool kind of like a poet but with deep smart stuff.

“Jesus came back and saw that they had been sleeping again and he told peter, “Before the crow sounds you will betray me three times.” Peter denied the prophecy and said that he would follow him to death. Meanwhile Judus, one of Jesus disciples came to the high priests who wanted Jesus dead and asked them how much they would pay him to bring Jesus to them. They offered 30 coins and he accepted telling them to follow him and the one he kisses one the cheek is the one they want. So he came to where they were in the garden and when Jesus saw them he said “Do what you came here for my friend.” So jesus knew that he would betray him but he didnt not fight him or insult him, because he still loved and forgave him. Then Judus kissed him on the cheek and the guards took Jesus to the temple, beating him along the way.”

Whoa! Oh my gosh thats so sad! I cant believe he was still nice to him even though he betrayed him!

Judus is kind of a jerk. Elizabeth decided in her head still patently and intently listening.

Then the speaker said part of the story that amazed her. “ During this part of the betrayal the disciples who had been with Jesus fought the solders and one of them cut a guards ear off with his sword then was told to stop fighting by Jesus “Those who live by the sword die by the sword.” Then Jesus came to the injured guard to had fallen to the ground and took his face in his hands, looked him in his eyes and picked up the sliced part of the ear and put it back to the side of the mans head and miraculously the ear was completely healed.”

Elizabeth listened with awe until the end off the lesson, leaning her ear to the speaker closest to her.

As he finished the Pastor, Andy said “ So not only did an angel come and tell the women that he is alive again and it just so happened his body was gone but 500 people saw Jesus in his glorified state after death he was in flesh not just a ghost. Then he rose to heaven to be with his father. We serve a alive God who lived a completely pure sinless life who died a sinner death so that we can be forgiven and go to join him in heaven. Now to end this up I’d like to get an alter call. If I can have all the elders and leadership up front. Thank you. Now if you have not been living a life for Jesus or you want some of this Forgiveness I talked about I would like if you would come up me.”

The girl next to Elizabeth took her hand and said sweetly “Come on Ill help you find your way” Elizabeth smiled at about where her face would be and nodded, thankful for once in her life being pushed around.

Elizabeth stood up with the girls hand in hers tightly and was guided up to the front. She placed a hand on her shoulder and Elizabeth closed her eyes like they do when they pray even though being without her sight it didnt make much of a difference. “Oh heavenly Father I pray to you so that these blind eyes may see and the heart to feel, bringing a newness of joyful life for this girl. In Jesus’s Holy powerful name I say amen.” The girl prayed into her ear.

The pastor who was standing on the stage above her to the right a little then guided her and others who had come up to get prayer in the sinners prayer. “Repeat after me, Father, I have not been living in the way it was intended but now I believe in my heart and I am confessing with my mouth that you alone are Lord in my life and believing that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I want a eternal life with you in heaven. In Jesus name I say Amen.”

Elizabeth and a few other shy mutter’s repeated it back. Suddenly Elizabeth began to feel cleaner and better, she took a breath then and it tasted sweeter than before. She began to smile, then laugh, and then she cried. Elizabeth was shocked, she reached her hand up to her eye and felt the tears were really there, that was odd, the doctors said that she wouldn't be able to cry. Elizabeth remembered that her eyes had been closed and that the the doctor told her to do her best not to keep them closed all the time.

Elizabeth opened her eyes. “Oh my God!” Elizabeth shouted so loud in the quiet church that every eye went to her. “I can see!” tears streamed down her face. “I can see holy cow!” She blinked over and over looking around to make sure this wasn't a dream, she even reached down to her pale skinned arm and pinched it. “Ow, oh its real!” The girl who prayed for her kissed her cheek from beside her but when she turned around to find her. Nobody was there.

“What has happened?” The pastor asked coming over to give her a side hug. “Who are you looking for.” Elizabeth saw her dad and mom coming up to the front, both covered in tears.

“I was blind because of brain damage in a car accident four months ago and a girl came and prayed for me and now look!” The girl looked the pastor straight in his blue eyes and smiles. “I can see that you have blue eyes!”

“Praise God hallelujah! Its a miracle from God!” The pastor began to dance hugging her close. Her parents came and joined him.

Elizabeth was confused the girl was gone. “Where is the girl who was praying for me?”

The pastor looked at her confused “What girl?” “There wasnt anyone up here with you.” Elizabeth looked around but couldnt see any girls who matched the voice. Suddenly the voice whispers to her “God loves you, so he sent an angel.” Elizabeth shook with amazement.

“The blind see with the help of a preppy annoying angel.” Elizabeth muttered. She chuckled then “I guess i’ll say, praise god!”

The author's comments:
Random writing, no preparation, not a lot of inspiration. Id like to say that it was all from God. :)

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