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Rosie's Diary

April 20, 2011
By jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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When the worlds ends, I'll see him.

June 5th
Sometimes Papa and I don’t get along. It’s just the way things are now. Mama has left us, and I get to visit her sometimes, and sometimes she just doesn’t care to take care of us. Papa always loved to us, but sometimes he can be a little harsh. Papa tells us stories, tucks us in bed, and he has a really good job too.

Our older brother, Jake, is 25 years old, has a wife and the two are helping Papa and I and my other brothers to stay with him. They’re helping pay the house bills, cars, etc.

Everything was great until something bad happened to Papa. I have bad dreams about the accident, but I don’t ever believe it. Jake and his wife, now, are taking care of us. He’s doing his best. His wife, Selena, cooks and cleans for us. We help her out most of the time, but sometimes she explodes.

I don’t know where Papa is, but he told me once that I should never, ever, ever, look back. I always tell the story of his death to myself and sob myself to sleep, but I can never, ever, ever, live that moment again.


Papa was driving down the street as the flash of buildings went fast. He was looking straight ahead, nothing bothering him, even me. I was in the back seat, behind him. I was looking outside. Papa looked at me from the mirror here and there, but we never said anything.

We finally stopped at a light and Papa glanced up. “Well, Rosie, we’re almost there.” He told me. I smiled and he smiled back at me. “Papa, where are we going? Tell me!” I said impatiently. He smiled and laughed. The light turned green and he went. “We’re going to your favorite place in the whole, wide City of Eau Claire. We’re going to...!” He said pausing. “To McDonalds!”

I clapped happily and he laughed. We became silent again and I did that so he could concentrate on driving. We stopped at another light and he sighed. We then heard screeching of wheels and Papa looked behind us, nothing. Then we both looked and saw a car swerve into our lane. The car flipped over and hit a few cars before us.

The impact was so hard that I almost puked. We were both yelling and then I started to dream.

I was in a garden. I was sitting next to a tree. I heard birds chirping and then I saw it. My friend, the Fox was walking towards me. I smiled and he didn’t smile back. “Fox, fox, what’re you doing here?” I asked. He looked up and was surprised. “I am sorry, Rosie, but you’re in the dream again. You remember anything?!?” Fox asked me. I shook my head. “I don’t.”

“Well you and your dad ring a bell?”

“Um, kind of…”

“I’m part of your mind too, so I know everything, I think. Well It goes like this. You and your dad stopped at the second light and a car swerved and… BANG!”

“That really happened to us Fox?”

“Yes I am afraid so my little Rosie.”

“What do we do now?” I asked him. He sat next to me and then sighed. “I think we wait. In the mean time, little Rosie, I must tell you something about your world here.” He told me. I looked at him. I shifted around a little and then asked, “What?”

“A new realm has appeared, I am afraid that It’s covered with darkness.”

“A new realm appeared? The realms aren’t supposed to appear, it’s supposed to appear when… when… when…”

“When sometime happens, and something did happen. I cannot simply blow it up!”

“What’re you going to do then?”

“Nothing, it might disappear though.”

“Don’t be crazy!” I yelled at him. He was shocked. He stood up and I stood up to we started to walk and then the realm of darkness was in front of us. “This is it?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, I am afraid so, my Rosie.” I sighed and looked at it. I fell to the ground and covered my face. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“This… this… this…” I stuttered. “This is all of my bad dreams, and things that happened to me. It’s horrible.” I finished. His face was as white as snow. The image started to flicker and then blackness. Then I heard something. “Rosie…! Rosie…! Rosie…! Wake up!”

My eyes felt heavy. I opened them slowly and the weight started to disappear. “W-where am I?” I asked. The doctor sighed, “In the hospital.” I was confused. I didn’t know what hospital was. “What’s… hospital?” I asked. He laughed to himself and then looked at me.

“Hospital is a place where people who are sick, or who are hurt go to. The people who are sick have cancer, or a disease. When you’re hurt you’re bleeding. A lot.”

“W-what’s cancer, and disease?”

“Cancer is a deadly disease. Disease is something that can be one of the two: be cured or cannot be cured.”

“Do I have a disease?”

“No you’re just hurt.” He chuckled. “I am? Am I bleeding, scratched, scarred?” He nodded. “You aren’t.” Then I suddenly realized something. One word made me think of everything else. Dad. “Where’s my Papa?!?” I screamed. “Where’s my Papa?!?”

The doctor tried to calm me, but I just went furious. “Where is he!?!” I yelled. “You’re Papa is…” He said turning a little sad. “What?!? Is he alright!?! Tell me, Mister!”





“Yes he is. You’re Brother Jake and sister, Selena is coming to pick you up. His body was kind of crushed.”

“No!” I sobbed. I sobbed harder and harder and then I started to feel bad that it was my fault. “If I hadn’t asked him what my surprised was, I wouldn’t be here. He wouldn’t be dead. None of this would have happened!” I screamed. “It’s not your fault.”

“Yes it is!”

“Rose, Rose, Rose! Listen to me. You believe in fate?”

“Yes I do and this was his fate, DEATH!”

“No it wasn’t!”

I cried for awhile and then my Brother, Jake, picked me up and we went home. I looked outside the window. Trickles of tears made their way down my cheek. Jake and Selena were quietly talking and then Jake said, “I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry.” I was shocked. “F-for what?” I asked. “For all of the pain you’re going through. Dad, he was a great man.”

“You don’t understand!”

“Yes I do! I lost someone, Mom.”

I became quiet and he knew that I didn’t want to talk about mom. The rest of the way home we were quiet. When we pulled up the drive way I opened the door and ran to the door. I knocked furiously on the door and one of my Brothers, Tom, opened it. He looked at me and smiled and then the smile faded. “What’s wrong?” Tom asked.

I sighed and came in and sat on the floor and tugged my shoes off. I stood up and turned away from him. “Dad’s dead!” I told him. I stormed away. Tom started to cry and he never did, only once in a while.
• • •

All of my dreams are ruined. The dark realm grew and I’m starting to begin to feel sorry for myself. I’ve thought about killing myself a few times, but I was talked out of it. I want to see Papa, but now that I’m 24 years old and dating, I think I’ll be alright.
End of Entry

The author's comments:
The first entry of Rosie's Diary, telling all of her life experiences.

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on May. 9 2011 at 10:35 am
jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
4 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
When the worlds ends, I'll see him.

Thanks, i Know it's funny!  I just decided to add that.  i'm writing another one, this time it's going to tell the Mom's story.

on May. 6 2011 at 3:45 pm
KellyKay SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
You know when you're in love becasue reality it finally better than your dreams

love the mcdonald's part jaylin lol