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February 25, 2011
By MorganGraide SILVER, Williams, Arizona
MorganGraide SILVER, Williams, Arizona
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There once was a girl with beautiful bright green eyes and a gorgeous smile. She had rosy cheeks and peach blossom skin. She had flowing red hair with tones, highlights, and just the perfect amount of volume. Her name was Nicci and she loved to do the strangest thing. She would die if she couldn't wear chap stick. She had to put it on every 10 minutes or she would go berserk.

There was once a boy who had dull grey eyes and a chapped smile. He had a face full of freckles and so much acne he was said to host the Rocky Mountains on his face. He had shaggy flat dirty blonde hair. His name was Devin but everybody called him Dev and he also had a strange thing he was restricted to. He could only eat pickle-salami-anchovy sandwiches any time of day or he would become deathly ill. He didn't want to become deathly ill so he ate it, no matter how absolutely repulsive it tasted.

One day Nicci was putting on her chapstick and noticed her brother staring at her strangely. He looked so hungry, but she couldn't feed him or he'd become deathly ill.she put her chapstick down and went to bed. She could trust her own brother, couldn't she?

Dev saw his sister leave. She looked so pretty. He wished he looked like her. Then an idea struck him. He could take his sister's chapstick and use it to make his lips softer. He saw it just sitting there so he pocketed it, after trying it. It sorta stung a little because his lips were so chapped.

When Nicci woke up the next morning, she went to go put on her chapstick before anything. When she got down to the kitchen, it was missing! “DEVIN!!! What did you do with my chapstick?!?”

Dev woke up to the sound of Nicci yelling at him. Why was she being so loud at 7 in the morning? Then he remembered. He still had her precious chapstick. She must be hitting the stage where she goes berserk. He was about to go give it to her but then he had a better idea. He was a good enough actor, he could just pretend he didn't have it.

“DEVIN!!! Give me my chapstick now! Thats it. I'm coming up there!!!” Nicci yelled to Dev. She stormed up the stairs.

“Leave me alone about the dumb chapstick!” Devin said. Things then got a little messy and in the end, he had tons of bumps and bruises and realized he just got plain and uglier while Nicci had her chapstick back and complete beauty.

There's a moral. Don't steal chapstick from your sister.

The author's comments:
I love wearing chapstick and it makes my lips softer.

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