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What if.

January 28, 2011
By musicisthegoodlife GOLD, Daegu, Other
musicisthegoodlife GOLD, Daegu, Other
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I pushed the office door with all my strength and ran. My neck burned, the place he tried to choke me. I couldn't let him get away. He killed my boss, my best friends; all the people that meant the world to me. I'm usually the good guy but I was sick and tired now. So angry and tired that the thirst for revenge screamed inside my head. A burst of energy pushed my legs further but as always, I was a step behind. He was already in his silver car; chuckling. My heart stopped when I saw my boss's daughter sitting next to him. Her eyes looking straight forward without life; under his control. I grinded my teeth and my fingers folded into a fist but the curly crazy-head just smiled casually and drove away. No, I couldn't let him get away with this. I realized that my whole body was trembling. While ignoring the pain, I ran for my orange truck which was a few meters away. I quickly hopped in, turned the keys and drove the fastest I've ever driven. As if knowing what I had in mind, my truck lurched forward, speeding ahead of all the cars that were once in front of us. 'It's too late', I mumbled. I bit my bottom lip. I slowly turned the corner and found the killer's car speeding in the front, ignoring the traffic lights, driving in zig-zags, barely making its' way through. But then, the world became still. Though I couldn't see him, I could feel his eyes controlling the cars, no, the people inside them. The cars around me slowly gained speed and headed towards me. Instead of panic, I felt a strange peace. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and felt my fingers searching for a switch. The switch my friends had placed in my truck for emergencies. I felt myself longing for them. They're encouraging smile, and sweet laughter. My head clicked back to reality. They were dead now. Because of...Because of... My eyes opened, the hatred blaring inside my heart. I quickly turned the switch on without hesitation, and before I knew it, my truck whooshed forward like a rocket; the engine on fire. My truck passed the uncountable number of cars he was controlling. My lips formed a smile as I became closer to his silver car. He turned around, only his head towards the back, and our eyes met. He turned back around but the psychic's car had crashed into an unknown garbage truck and broken down. I was supposed to be happy but I was more confused. I looked at my enemy but he didn't look so powerful and indestructible and more. Something was wrong with his stormy eyes. He frantically looked from side to side, looking almost nervous. My eyes grew wider as I saw a part of his leg missing, his fake wooden leg now on the ground, broken. But then his face changed, his expression more crazy than ever. He got off slowly and his eyes seemed to flash and bulge as he looked to control my boss's daughter. Her right ear was slightly bleeding but she got off the crushed silver car, her eyes still lifeless. I longed to reach out to her but there was nothing I could do. I put my steaming car to a stop and ran towards them in frustration. He smirked as I got closer and my mind no longer felt confused, the thirst for revenge and the hatred towards him began to burn brighter. We were about a meter apart when the psychic grabbed a gun from the unconscious police who had been heading towards him. The crazy-head's arm was now on my boss's daughter's shoulder. Her eyes like a doll and her body moving like a robot. He held the gun towards me and his eyes sparkled in a peculiar way, the color was a deep blue with specks of green and he looked mad. Suddenly, everyone around me became still, under the psychic's control. There was only me and him now. He looked a little tired, a bead of sweat falling from the side of his pale face. 'An improvement', I thought. But the thought disappeared as I saw his smile. The smile I wanted to wipe off his face, the evil smile I hated most. The people, under his control, came towards me and before I knew it, I heard a bang and felt hot liquid dripping from my stomach. I was in pain but the wanting to kill him was greater. He laughed out loud, it sounded almost merry. His arm was still wrapped around my boss's daughter. He limped into a huge nearby building, with the girl by his side moving stiffly. I pushed the throbbing pain away and ran with all my might. I followed him inside, panting each time I took a step. The people inside the building were lifeless for a few seconds as he made his way towards the elevator. The top floor? I groaned in agony. I limped towards the stairs and went up the steps. My head was now throbbing and black dots decorated my view. Blood was splittering from my stomach. It was a wonder that I hadn't collapsed yet. I opened the door to the roof and squinted as the sunlight warmed my face. I looked around until a black figure caught my eye. I saw the tall crazy curly-head in his blue outfit as he came closer. Hatred seized me. "Where did you put her?", I screamed, but it sounded more like a plea. He smiled ever so slightly and whispered, " If you'd never met me, you probably would have lived an ordinary life, married with two children maybe? But now you're here and you're apparently the only one my psychic power doesn't work on so I'm afraid taking away your life is the only choice I've got." A mouthful of blood came out of my mouth and I collapsed. The world seemed to be going round and round. I felt the weight of his foot on my bloody back. " you...shouldn't have met me in the first place.", he whispered almost too sweetly. The clouds started to become darker, the sunlight no longer there, my hope gone with it. I breathed heavily until a small figure came into my view. It was my boss's daughter tied up in the hand at the edge of the building, crying. I didn't have the power to stand up. Blood continued to gush out from my mouth. " I'm not going to die before I kill you. I'm going to live a long life and save the number of people you killed.", I painfully wheezed in a raspy voice. He had a faraway look that made him look sad. " But I want to live too...I want to live too! It's not my fault I was born like this, is it?" and his evil look came back. I used all the strength I had left inside me and slowly got up. I grabbed his blue collar and punched him. A line of blood decorated his clear face. He looked surprised but then looked back at me. I looked at him in the eye and asked weakly, "What's your name?". He looked sad and angry, the look only the ones who had suffered could make. His eyes started sparkling in shades of blue and gray and by the time I turned around, my boss's daughter was falling down the edge. "Noooooooo...", I moaned. I looked at him with hatred but surprisingly he wasn't smiling this time. His face was expressionless, upset even. He walked toward the edge and waited for my next move. I wanted to scream and cry but I didn't want to show my weakness. I shoved him towards the edge of the cement wall that came up to our knees, and with all my might pushed him along with my own body down the building. Thunder crackled while heavy raindrops fell along with us. A thought, just one thought filled my head while I was falling. "Could we have become friends if we had met in a different way?" I smiled sadly. The wind whooshed at our faces, our bodies becoming one with the rain. Suddenly I heard a thud and pain surrounded me, his sorrowful face flickering in front of me.

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