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Two BFFs and a Typical Text Convo

January 16, 2011
By Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
Kristine PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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Taylor: I think I like somebody, but I’m not sure

Emily: Really Tay??? Who!?

Taylor: Oh just somebody

Emily: Tell me!

Taylor: You have to swear on your life you won’t tell a soul

Emily: I swear

Taylor: Ok, here goes. I think I like Michael

Emily: I know

Taylor: What! How do you know?

Emily: Well, hmmm, lets see… you ALWAYS talk about him

Taylor: But… no

Emily: Yea

Taylor: Ok, a little, but not always

Emily: Whatever

Taylor: Swear you won’t tell

Emily: I won’t tell!

Taylor: Swear?

Emily: Swear

Taylor: I’ll never forgive you if you told

Emily: Oh have some faith!

Taylor: Oookaaay

Emily: Good choice though

Taylor: Choice?

Emily: Hello! Good GUY choice!

Taylor: Oh, lol. I know, right?

Emily: He’s sooo hott

Taylor: Hey, woman! Hands off, he’s mine!

Emily: Haha I know, I was just saying, he’s hott

Taylor: Lol, What a bod!

Emily: Heehee. Best abs ever!

Taylor: How would you know?

Emily: I’m the water girl for his football team ; )

Taylor: I’m jealous

Emily: You should be

Taylor: I still get the bicep and calf view

Emily: Those things are steel!

Taylor: I know!

Emily: With a guy lookin like that, I don’t get why he’s shy

Taylor: I think its cute

Emily: You would

Taylor: I would

Emily: Its kinda funny, especially when it comes to girls

Taylor: Gosh dang it that’s when I wish he wasn’t so shy

Emily: So do all the other girls in this school

Taylor: To heck with those other girls!

Emily: That’s right give em attitude

Taylor: Trust me, I got attitude

Emily: How are you going to get him out of his shell?

Taylor: IDK, but it needs to happen fast

Emily: Why?

Taylor: Fall Formal is coming up in three weeks!

Emily: That’s plenty of time

Taylor: Not if you don’t have a date yet

Emily: I don’t have a date either

Taylor: You could, you’ve at least been asked

Emily: I’m sorry but I’m not going out with Braden

Taylor: Why not?

Emily: Braden? I mean come on!

Taylor: There’s nothing wrong with him. I would go with him if he asked me

Emily: Then ask him

Taylor: I can’t

Emily: Don’t be chicken

Taylor: I’m not. My dad won’t let me ask anyone

Emily: Why?

Taylor: He just says if I don’t get asked, I’m not going

Emily: That’s dumb

Taylor: I know, right? And my mom asked a guy to prom one year when she was in high school

Emily: That’s really dumb

Taylor: You’re telling me? Believe me, I would be asking Michael in a heartbeat if I was allowed

Emily: A heartbeat?

Taylor: Heck yeah

Emily: Honestly?

Taylor: Well, maybe a few heartbeats, ya know? To gain my confidence

Emily: Yeah

Taylor: Why don’t you ask Dylan?

Emily: Cause I don’t want to ask, or go

Taylor: Oh please YOURE the chicken. You do want to go, you just don’t want to ask

Emily: Whatever have you told Amber you like her brother yet?

Taylor: Tell Amber? Never!

Emily: Why not?

Taylor: Well see Ive tried, hinted I think he’s cute

Emily: And?

Taylor: She goes ‘Eeew’

Emily: Oh

Taylor: Yeah

Emily: I think she just can’t picture her brother with anyone

Taylor: I know, but I REALLY like him

Emily: I can tell

Taylor: I guess we’ll see if he’ll ask me to Fall Formal… doubt it

Emily: You want me to hint to him?

Taylor: Hmmm… not yet. Give it a week and then we’ll see if I need a better plan or something

Emily: Okay, I’m willing to tell him to ask you out, if you want

Taylor: Lol, thanks girl

Emily: Here for ya

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