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A Tragic Life Story that Turned out not so Bad

January 7, 2011
By Irina Kuleva BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
Irina Kuleva BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
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“Stacy, are you going to Paris with us in two weeks?

“Oh, I haven’t talked to my parents yet, but I am sure they will let me.”

“Ok, well then just call me tonight after you talk to them and let me know and ill just buy your ticket and you’ll pay me back so we can all fly together.”

“Ok I’ll let you know. But I have to go I’m going to be late to work.”

“Ok don’t forget to call me, bye.”

“I wont,” replied Stacy.

Well when Stacy came home from work, things didn’t go as planned. Her parents said “No” she couldn’t go with her friends. Her dad was against her going to Paris, but he did say,” If you would like in the summer we can all go as a family.”

But Stacy said, “No, I want to go with my friends.” She ran up to her room, slammed the door, and called Jen. They talked for hours about how stupid and ridiculous it is that she couldn’t go. But at the end, they didn’t really come up with any way of convincing her parents on letting her go.

At midnight Jen finally told said “well, Stacy we will come up with something tomorrow at lunch, I’m sure the guys will think of something.” So they say their good byes and hang up the phones.

That night it took along time to fall asleep. She kept hearing her mom say “just let her go why is it such a big deal, she will be there with her friends its just three weeks, I would make her talk all her school stuff and make her do it now.” But her dad kept going no “ No and that’s the end of it” but she heard her mom say “well you know what this is all going to come back to you, she’s going to hate you even if her not going is for the better good.” Wow Stacy thought I can’t believe mom just said all that. Stacy look at her clock and it read 2:30 she knew if she wouldn’t fall asleep soon she wouldn’t be wakening up in the morning for school.

But, she did only about half hour late, she thought if she rushed and skipped breakfast she would make it to school only a little late to first period. When she got done getting ready, she looked at her phone it had one text from Jen and a couple of missed calls from John. She texted Jen back and would call John on her way to school. The text from Jen was about is she was able to sleep at her house tonight and Stacy texted her back saying I’m sure it will be fine but ill ask my mom and ill tell you in first…Save me a seat please I’m going to be a little late. She finally went down stairs and her mom already had breakfast in a little baggie so Stacy can take it with her. She asked if Jen could sleep over and her mom said that would be fine. She told her mom thanks and ran out the door.
On her way to school Stacy called John back he was suppose to be in first period but I guess he was running late to, because he picked up the phone and asked if Stacy would save him a seat in first period. They laughed when they both figured out that they were late to class.

John asked “Stacy you want to go get some breakfast?”
She replayed “No my mom made me some but there’s enough for two if you want we can share it in class”
John answered, “That would be good.” John got to class before Stacy did and went to go sit in the back were Jen and a couple of other people were sitting. John really likes Stacy and she liked him back, but they never really had the guts to date. When Stacy finally arrived there was only twenty-five minutes left of the class the teacher doesn’t have a problem with being late as long as you do his work and pass the tests, and that wasn’t a problem for them. Stacy and John ate while Jen talked about the plans she came up with. They all split up after first and when to the rest of their classes. They said they were going to talk more at lunch.

It was about the end of fourth period and Stacy’s mom texts her saying “Honey me and your father both have crazy business meeting tonight so and Jen are going to have the house to yourselves I don’t think we will be getting in till tomorrow, don’t do anything you’ll regret, Love you sweetie have a good day.”

So at lunch Stacy told Jen and invited John, Dan, Tyler, Nick, Caleb Emily, Galina and Julia to her house for a movie night. She told them “Pizza and movies my house tonight parents wont get home till tomorrow so I have enough rooms for the girls to share and the guys can stay the night to if you guys want.” Everyone agreed and said they would be there. After lunch Stacy gave Jen money for her plane ticket and told her “just buy it for me and ill tell my parents that your parents are taking me with them on your family’s three-week cruse. Jen took the money and bought the plane tickets later that day from her credit card.

That night was everything Stacy need to get everything off her mind. They watched five movies before the guys came up with the plan to go get into the pool. It was a cold night.

They weren’t out there long before they came back in and asked, “If they can take turns taking a shower?“ Stacy went and showed them were the towels were. Dan, Tyler, Nick and Caleb all went to shower in separate bathrooms. John was the only one that needed to.

Stacy said “Sorry we only have four bathrooms”

“Oh its ok I can wait”

“Ok are the guys going to sleep over tonight?”

“I think so but Tyler and Nick aren’t they are working tonight so they are probably going to leave after they get out of the showers.”

“Oh ok well I guess then ill go set the bed in the guest room for Caleb and Dan.”

“But were am I going to sleep?”

“In Meagan’s old room.”

“Oh ok”

“Don’t worry its not hot pink anymore, we repainted it after she went away for college.”

“Awww man I was really hoping it was.”

When John and Stacy returned Emily, Galina and Julia had to go home. So it was just going to be Jen and I guess tonight. Ten minutes later Tyler and Nick walk in and say bye also.

“So now it’s down to five,” said Jen

“Yep” replayed Dan.

Everyone went to bed around 1:30; I stayed up to clean up the house so my mom wont get mad about it being messy. I finished washing the dishes and John came down.

“I thought someone was down here.”

“Yeah have to clean up before my parents get home.”

“Do they know that you had guys over?”

“Yeah I told my mom that I was going to invite you guys, she actually said to also, she doesn’t want anything to happen to me or Jen.”

“Oh well do you need some help?”

“Yeah sure that would be great”

John helps wipe dishes and Stacy put them away. When they were done they went and sat on the couch because they weren’t tired. They watched TV and talked a lot. But during the TV show Stacy fell asleep so john went got her a blanket and slept on the other side of the couch.

The following morning the didn’t wake up until they heard the front door open they both shot up and rushed to the kitchen to pretend like they were making breakfast. Both her parents went to bed right away but before they did she told them

“Mom, dad i'm going on a curse with Jens family they invited me because they aren’t letting Jen go to Paris also, we are leaving at noon.”

Her mom replayed “oh ok well I guess that’s alright, Well don’t make to much noise packing because were are very tired.”

“Ok I wont”

They both started to make breakfast when Jen, Dan and Caleb walked in. they all said good morning and acted like they were at home. Grabbed what they wanted and Stacy made everyone scrambled eggs and bacon. They all ate a nice breakfast when her dad walked in and said.

“ I smelt the eggs and bacon and couldn’t resist.” Stacy got up to make her dad a plate and he sat down to eat with them. After breakfast Jen stayed to help Stacy pack for Paris and they left right after Stacy’s mom woke up. They hugged and kissed their goodbyes and both the girls went on their way.

When they got to Jens everyone was already their waiting for the two of them. They all pilled into Stacy’s Lexus and Johns Mercedes. When they got to the airport they left the cars in the airport and fly out at seven.

They had the best two weeks of their lives until the beginning of the third week Stacy got a phone call from the hospital. It was her parent’s doctor he asked her “were she is and if she can come to the hospital?” she replayed, “What happened are they alright.” He told her it would be better if they talked in person. She replayed, “I’m in Paris but Ill be on the next flight to L.A.” Stacy told her friends that she was leaving and started to pack her stuff she told them that she would be their to pick them up when they come back.

John said, “I’m coming with you, you shouldn’t be flying alone.”

“No stay finish your vacation you don’t have to come ill be fine.”

“No you wont I’m coming and that’s the end of it.”

They took a cab to the airport and bought the two lasts seats on the airplane.”

She called the hospital and told the doctor that she would be there in the morning.
He told her “Get as much sleep on the plain as you can, your going to need all the energy you have.”

But when they sat on the plain all Stacy could think about was getting to the hospital. Halfway there she finally fell asleep in John’s arms and slept until they landed in L.A. John stated to get their luggage while Stacy went to get the car.

Stacy was already in the front when John came out of the airport. She popped the trunk and got out of the car to help him put them in. he asked her “Let me drive and you call the hospital to ask were they are holding them.”

Stacy agreed. But she couldn’t get a hold of the doctor the nurse kept saying “ he’s in with a patient right now, he told me to if you called to tell you to come in and go to the third floor, and that he would meet you there.” “Ok” she replayed. They drove with no music on and Stacy kept telling john “ can you drive a little faster.” He was already going 90 in a 75-mile zone. He told her “breath and release.”

When they got to the hospital they went in when they got to the third floor Stacy couldn’t stop shaking. The doctor was already there waiting for her, he asked if they “can we speak in private?” Stacy turned to John and asked, “Can you get her a cup of coffee?” “Ok”.

By the time John came back Stacy was sitting alone in tears. John rushed over and asked, “What’s wrong? What did he say?”

“They are in the I.C.U. in very bad condition, he said that a drunk truck driver hit the car, he said it must have flipped two or three times before it came to a complete stop.”

“Oh Stacy I am so sorry, did he say anything else?”

“That they were being taken out and put in their own room together, he said they have gotten a little better and their body is recovering slowly, he said I can come in tomorrow to see them but he can’t let me in today.”

“He told me to go home and get some sleep, and come in around ten thirty.”

“Well that’s what will do then.”

“Oh no John you don’t have to I can drop you off you off.”

“No Stacy I’m here for you, but can we stop at my place I have to get a couple of things?”

“Yeah we can.”

John practically moved in with Stacy, he didn’t want her staying in the house alone. A couple of months went by and her parents could finally come home. It was summer already so Stacy didn’t work she stayed home all day to take care of her parents. She felt like that’s what she needed to do and her parents loved having her and John around. Stacy asked john out a couple of weeks after the got back from Paris and it would be 6 months in June. They were so happy and Stacy’s life was almost back to normal. When it got to their eight-month anniversary John asked Stacy to marry him and of course she said

“Yes” she told him “Now my life is complete I have a wonderful fiancé, my parents are almost back to normal, what more can I ask for?”

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