December 26, 2010
By EricaLeigh SILVER, Alton, New Hampshire
EricaLeigh SILVER, Alton, New Hampshire
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To Whom It May Concern:

As I sit here in this room (I’m still not convinced that it’s not a cell) I have more than enough time to ponder over the fact that I AM NOT SUPPOSE TO BE IN HERE! There has been a TERRIBLE mix up and some how I have wound up in here like a psycho because they believe that I have psychological issues and am a danger to the outside world. Honestly, being in here is going to turn me into an insane person. Let me explain my situation to you a little bit better...

I am a 28 year old financial manager living (well use to at least) in Cambridge Massachusetts with my husband, 3 year old twins Mollie and Maggie, and our golden retriever puppy Max . In my spare time I enjoy running, participating in yoga classes, trying out new recipes, reading fashion magazines, and spending time with my family. Monday September 20, 2010 was a day like all the rest; I woke up at 6:30am, let the dog outside, and made a pot of coffee. By 7:45am my husband, daughters, and myself were all ready for the day, after double checking to make sure I turned my curling iron off we headed out the door. My husband took a left out of the driveway to head to work and I headed right, first to drop the girls off at my mothers house and then to head off to work myself. My day at work was un-eventful and I got to leave an hour early because I had nothing left to do for the day. I picked the girls up then stopped at the grocery store and bought some groceries then headed home. My husband arrived home 45 minutes later and we ate dinner at 6:00pm. After dinner the girls were playing as my husband and I cleaned up the table, at least that’s what we were doing until we heard a knock on the door. My husband answered the door and was shocked when it was two police officers. Upon greeting the officers I was informed that they were there to take me to the mental hospital. I freaked out; I AM NOT A CRAZY PERSON! My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to tell them that there must have been a mix-up, but they were not changing their minds. So away they took me, which brings me to where I am now; 30 days later.

Sitting in here is driving me crazy! Never in my life have I had a sort of mood, personality, or anxiety disorders. The paperwork that I see the Doctors and Psychologists carrying around here states that I have severe depression and delusion. Neither of those things are true. So why am I still sitting here? I have been requesting for the past month for the Nurses to let me talk with a Psychologist or Doctor so that I can explain to them that this is all a big mix-up, but they won’t hear of it. I’m sure all of the psychotic people in this hospital try saying the same things, but I honestly am problem free! While they have me locked up in here there is some maniac running around out there that should probably be sitting where I am sitting.

What I am writing to ask of you is that you look over the information that has been gathered about my case, and to ask you to take the time to focus on me for moment. Through observation over this past month you must have seen that I am just a normal person. While I sit here my family is back home in need of me. They have been unable to visit me because your hospital has restricted my visitation rights until they have a definite diagnosis on my case. Does this mean that I will sit here forever with NO visitation rights because there is NO diagnosis for me!?! I long for the ability to go back to my life that I was living before coming here. My family needs me. I ask that you please look further into my case and see that I was brought here by mistake, I do not belong here and that is for certain! Oh and on a side note, the chicken soup I was served the other day needs some serious recipe work!

Shelby Jones

The author's comments:
This letter was written originally for an assignment and covers the idea of a woman being admitted to a mental institute by accident. Through this letter she is trying to convince the Doctors and Psychologists that she is the wrong person and does not belong there!

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