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The Holy Spirit

November 3, 2010
By SarahCorine SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
SarahCorine SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
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"Jesus loves me, yes I know, for the bible tells me so, yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so."

The California air was cold. It held a sort of breeze that was meant to calm your soul. This night held a special meaning. As I walked through the streets, I heard a sound of Bliss and happiness. But it had a strange feeling. I heard the sound of footsteps walking behind me. I turned around, only to see nothing. I turned back and I put my attention else where. I saw the trees and watched as their leaves danced with the air. I heard the wind as it sang with the cool breeze creating the melody of night. Again the sound appeared and erased the melody. I turned. A trail of fallen leaves ran across the street. What was this sound that followed me? It was so close that I almost felt it on my skin.

“Go away,” I thought.

I turned my back to the sound and walked faster so to escape the sound that haunted me. The sound continued and as I picked up my pace to a running speed, I realized something. The sound of footsteps wasn’t just a sound. Someone was actually following me. It took me all my courage but I forced myself to turn around and that’s when I saw Him. He stood in front of me. He stood tall and proud. His eyes sparkled bright like the stars that lived above us. His smile was big and it seemed to touch my heart in a way that I’ve never been touched.

“Who are you,” I asked.

“You know who I am.”

My heart gasped. When He spoke, I heard the song of Heaven.

“I do,” I asked.

“You’ve always known,” He said.

With curiosity in my heart I raised my hand up to Him. He reached His hand to mine and together they touched. The Man slowly vanished, but He was not gone. He was in me. I felt Him in my heart.

“I live in here now,” He told me.

So He was following me all along even when I didn’t know it. Even when I told Him to go away He did not leave my side and now He lived inside my heart. I very quickly realized that the Man was Jesus and what lived inside of me was something that I had been missing. It was The Holy Spirit.

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