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Prologue: The Fire

October 30, 2010
By kao-chanu SILVER, Central, Utah
kao-chanu SILVER, Central, Utah
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Chrissie giggled as she ran down the hallway with the contraband and Miles’ hand in her hands. Twice the lighter fell, twice she picked it up. Her heart raced and every little far away step she heard, only made it beat that much faster. When they were finally to the closet, the tall janitorial closet, he pushed her inside.

Miles let a little rationalization leave him this morning when he decided to take a swig of his mother’s vodka, and then bring it to school to share with his girl friend Chrissie. They had been planning to play hooky and make out in the closet today, and he thought he would spice things up a bit by bringing the hard liquor. Little did he know the spice would be much more than a bit.

She carefully flipped out the lighter. She let its flames caress the wick of the candle. She felt the warmth on her face and saw it on his. They shared the half empty bottle of vodka until it was about 3 swigs from gone, alternating mouths with each drink. Their breaths, uneven, were somehow synchronized, each as scared as the other.

“You go first,” he told her. “I hate to admit it but I have never done this before!” he let a crack escape his lips as he confessed.

And then she leaned forward. All in one instant, a disaster happened. The bottle tipped, breaking and letting the small amount of vodka pour onto her white cotton school uniform. The cold, liquidy rush made her jump, dropping the candle onto her lap. She was instantly ignited.

“MILES!” she screamed. “GOD HELP ME!” she pleaded. “PLEASE FORIGVE MY SINS!” she repented.

But God would not hear her pleas, because that day, Bible Baptist Private High School for Baptist Teens would burn to the ground, taking 6 innocent lives… and, indirectly, the lives of Colette Wruiter and Ryland Sead.

The author's comments:
this is the prologue to my novel. Its a little short ha :)

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