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Strum: Chapter Three

October 30, 2010
By Eer320 PLATINUM, S. China, Maine
Eer320 PLATINUM, S. China, Maine
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Finally, I found my way through a throng of people, made my way to the Cafe, as people called it. I saw Chasity by the door with two boys, one of them I vaguely recognized as Ben.

The other must have been Spencer. He had short, spiky brown hair. His eyes were brown too, and he had lots of freckles. He kind of looked a little elfish, mischievous.

I finally got a good look at Ben. His hair hung in his eyes, and it was blond, with brown highlights. He had an upturned nose and his eyes were oval, with long lashes. He was wearing a Nirvana shirt, and had on a pair of jeans and Converses.

“Hey, Natalie!” Called Chasity. I walked up to them. “Ben, Spencer, this is Natalie, and Ben if you hadn’t noticed, she sits next to you in English.”

Ben looked away shyly. He seemed different now then before, when he was carelessly sleeping in class. I blushed. He was pretty cool. And he was shy of me?

“C’mon, lets find a table!” Said Chasity, looking at me, surprised. We followed her into the Cafe, and found a table next to a table of rowdy kids. It was hard to believe this was a prep school, the way everyone was so crazy.

I heard a voice and turned. “Hey look! It’s Natalie.” Said Tricia. Her friends laughed. She turned to to a girl with glossy red hair and whispered something in her ear.

“She’s such a Momma’s girl!” Laughed the girl. That made me want to know what Tricia said.

“Shut up, Valerie.” Said Ben, addressing the red-head.

“What’s it to you, Benjy?” Taunted Tricia. Valerie looked away, blushing. But Ben just glared at Tricia.

“Let’s go.” Said Chasity. She led us to a smaller table in the corner of the Cafe. I tried to ignore the jests and jeers.

We sat down, the four of us. Ben sat down next to me, which made me kind of uncomfortable. Spencer sat next to Chasity, and stole a Cheeto from her lunch box.

“So,” Said Chasity, ignoring the theft. “Who has what when?”

“I have chorus with Mrs. Walker.” Said Spencer.

“Same.” Said Chasity. She looked to me. “What do you have next?”

I pulled out my schedule. “Chorus!” I exclaimed.

“Seriously?” asked Ben.

“You sing?” Spencer asked, shocked.

“Ya, I used to be in a band in Arizona, before we moved.”

The three of them looked at each other, all mirroring shock, and excitement. I had no idea what was so special.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, Nat, is it okay if I call you Nat? Anyways, we, me Ben and Spencer have been trying to form a rock band, but we can’t find a singer. Valerie, well, you saw her, she tried, but, things didn’t work out for … personal reasons.” I tried to ignore her glance at Ben.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Maybe it was my looks that drew this group to me, or maybe it was the fact that they were so desperate for a singer they would take anyone, I don’t know. But here we were, and I was just waiting for them to say, ‘You’re hired’ or something, that it was completely silent for a while.

“Well?” Asked Chasity.

“You mean, I can be in your band?” I asked.

“Of course!” Said all three of them in unison, although I couldn’t help but notice that Ben was the loudest.

“Okay, then yes!” I said. They all cheered.

“So, what about a nam - ”

But the bell rang, and we didn’t ever have time to find a name for our new band.

As we walked out of the Cafe, Chasity passed me a folded note, the note we were passing during class. She winked at me. Ben looked at us suspiciously. But I opened it, and it read:

Just in case we don’t meet up again after classes, here is my AIM: Or, here is my email: Don’t worry about not having a laptop either, because we get them @ this school! :)

I folded up the note and put it in my pocket. It would be good to remember her AIM, because we had some serious things to talk about.

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