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The Sequel to The Kidnapping

October 17, 2010
By fashionlover16 SILVER, New Gloucester, Maine
fashionlover16 SILVER, New Gloucester, Maine
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I honestly don't know what my favorite personal quote is. I can tell u what i like, if u want that. I really like the twilight series. whenever my mom suggests that we should go shopping, i light up. I love shopping. well thats about it, byez!!!!! <3

Previously: 5, 4, 3, “ are you ready to die?” I don't respond. 2,1, I cringe my eyes . 0!.

Nothing happened. I open one of my eyes, he looks mad. “Darn it!” So I ask “ what happened?” He doesn't respond, I imagine that his gun is jammed, and he has no way to fix it. He hits the gun 3 times, nothing. “ Just get into bed, I will kill you in the morning.” So instead of denying it, I get into bed, he does the same. I look over at him, he still has his mask on. I don't think he will ever take it off.

Morning comes faster then I would think it would. I look at the clock, 4:30. He is awake. I scream, he looks over to me. I continue screaming. “ BE QUITE!!!!” I continue screaming. If you are wondering why I am screaming, well I honestly did not know why I was, but I just felt like it. Finally I be quite. He is still working on fixing his gun. He tells me to get up. Nothing happened to the bed. I ask him why the bed did not set off its alarm. He said he was lying, he just said that to get me to stay in the bed. Smart man. I ask him if there is any food in this place. He said that there is some lettuce over there. Even though I don't like lettuce, I go over there and take a big bite out of it. YUCK!!! But it is the only food that I have, so mise well eat it. I ask him “ are we going back out today?” he replies by saying yes, we will be leaving in 3-4 minutes. I tell him that I am going to get in the car. Right then, for the first time, I get scared. He jumps out off the bed, and he runs towards me, looking super mad. My first reaction is to run, but I am right up against the corner, and I have now were to go. I tell him, that I wont go out side, that I will stay in here, until he is ready to go. He stops, “ Okay, that is fine.” He goes to get his boots on. I would be doing that right now, but I don't have any shoes. Just my bare feet. It takes him a little while to get his boots all laced up. After he is done all of that, he grabs me by my arm and drags me out side. Again, he tells me to get into the back of the car. And again, I do what he says. “ Where are we going?” He replies and says, “ were going to go and buy a new gun, so I can kill you.” Great, I thought he might of forgot about killing me, but he obviously has not. “ Okay.” We drive, for what seems for ever, again. After a while, he stops at a shop, it is called “ Golden Trigger” Nice name. He gets out of the car. “ Come with me, get out NOW!!!!!!!!” So I get out. He grabs my hand, not as tight as he normally does, he probably just wants it to look like I am his kid, and not like I am the kid that he kidnapped. He takes off his mask. First time I have ever seen his face, but I dont recognize it, like I thought I would. We walk into the shop, he asks for a Springfield Armory XDM, what ever that is. The Guy comes back, after about 2 minutes, with a classic looking handgun. He says it is 250.00. He pulls out his wallet, opens it up, and there is probably about $2,000 in that thing, it was so big. Just before the cashier hands him the gun, he turns around to get a bag, to put it in. Suddenly he stops, he is looking at something on the wall, it is a sign that says “ WANTED. TALL GUY, PROBABLY 35, NO BEARD, BUT HAS A MUSTACHE” The cashier looks back, then to the picture again, and then back at my kidnapper. He tells my kidnapper he will be right back. It takes him longer then I imagined. Right after he comes out, the doors are knocked down, 6 men in navy blue, rush in. My kidnapper starts to run. Right then, I knew what the cashier was doing, he went to call the cops. One cop comes up to me, asks me if I am okay, and I reply that I am really hungry. So he promises he will stop at a McDonalds, and takes me out to his car. He tells me that he will be right back, that he is going to check on his men, to see if they have caught him. He comes back and he tells me that they have him, and that I am going to be okay.

After we stop at McDonalds, I tell him where I live, and he takes me home. He follows me in, and both of my parents are pacing around the room. When they see me, it looks like they had just won a million dollars, they both run up to me, and hug and hug me. After like a minute of hugging, they stand up and start talking to the guy that saved my life. He explains that my kidnapper is a guy named Alexander Ray, and that he had just robbed a bank, and that he was also a well known kidnapper. After they are all done talking, the Police Man wishes my parents a good day, and he leaves. My parents are overjoyed that I am back. They don't leave my side for weeks, and I get to miss 3 weeks of school, for “ recovery reasons” I am glad that I am back home, and I will be okay. After I went back to school, I was the most popular kid at school. I had to tell my story OVER and OVER. After that had all gotten out of the way, I go back to being a normal kid, living in Portland, Maine.

The author's comments:
Here is the sequel to " The Kidnapping " all of you guys seemed to like it, so here it is! Hope you enjoy it!!! Review and Rate!!! :P :)

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on May. 12 2013 at 8:28 pm
CheeseWrita BRONZE, New Gloucester, Maine
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I really enjoyed the ending to this story.  There were a few issues with the grammer and spelling but I'm not really one to judge I suppose.  I wish that this had been a little longer but other than that great job.  You have a nack for writing short stories.  Some of the names (or at least the last name of one of the people) sounded familiar.