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Summer Nights

October 13, 2010
By GraceKelly BRONZE, Chehalis, Washington
GraceKelly BRONZE, Chehalis, Washington
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"Dans chaque fin, il y a un début" (In each ending there is a new begining)

“It’s okay now, come on up...” I said to my friend as soon as I knew it was safe. We waited for my parents to drift off and gave them an extra 15 minutes or so to make sure they were really asleep. Within minutes my friend, Lara, was here. Here meaning my house, at 11:30 PM. My parents were asleep and this was the only time her and I could hang out.

Quietly as I possibly could, I opened the sliding glass door right outside my room and snuck out. I met her just outside my house and this time, tonight we were just going for a walk. The night was a crisp, clear summer night and we were both wide awake. The chill and the excitement of being together again gave us energy to stay awake through the late hours, and tonight we had all night.

This time, I got to choose where we went. I decided that we go for a walk along the logging roads above my property. But first we had to walk through a patch of woods to get there. We set out on our journey, making our way up the hill. Suddenly, we heard a sharp loud snap and we both froze. The echo of the snap magnified in the silence of the cool air made it sound like it could’ve waken up a hibernating bear. We didn’t move, and we held our breath for what seemed like 5 minutes, just waiting to see to hear a response. There was nothing, but by this time we realized that the snap was caused by one of us stepping on a twig. We continued, but now we were being more careful where we walked.

Once we got to the trail we started talking, but just whispers, even though there was nobody around. We talked about friendship, love, drama, and parents. We discussed the problems we each have with our families, and we comforted each other, knowing that we will always have each other. The moments when we were not talking weren't awkward like they would be with strangers or friends that you know but don’t really know, these moments were peaceful. It was silent. It felt like we had the whole world to our selves. The only thing we could hear was each other’s gentle breathing, the crickets chirping in the brush, birds rustling in the distant trees, and every once in a while we could here a car pass by, driving through the valley below us. This is what we love. Being with each other, being here, living here, walking hand in hand, and enjoying the warm summer nights.

Summer nights for us don’t mean partying and drinking, at least not all the time. To us, summer nights are hanging out, talking, and just spending time together. Once we got to the end of our trail the view was amazing. Even though it is dark we could still see some light on the distant horizon. Along with the light from the moon, we are able to see the beautiful Boistfort Valley below us. The crop fields and small houses were dim, but still visible. There are very few street lights in Boistfort, but just looking out over the valley I could easily identify each person’s house. We sat there, on a log for a few minutes, talking about how each family has changed, how we miss the old days, and how nobody is the same as they use to be. We don’t regret any of the changes though. We talk about everything together, we are best friends. After a few minutes we decided to head back. The walk home seemed faster than the walk there. In many ways I wish it would’ve lasted longer, but it never does.

The dew was just starting to form now as we made our way back through the woods near my house. The fallen trees and branches looked dull and dead compared to the soaring trees and soft ferns. But I guess at some time everything will die. With every ending however there is a new beginning; as another life will use the resources from those dead branches to aid it’s growth. As we neared my house, I thought about that. I hope our friendship never dies. I let her know that, and she told me that she hopes for the same.

But now it is time to part, it is 1 AM, and we had been out for 2 hours. She walked me back to my house and we said goodnight. But before she left we hugged and I told her that I love her. She smiled and said the same back to me. We don’t have to explain ourselves, we can usually tell what each other is thinking. So, by this we meant: I love you: as a sister, a best friend, and maybe more. It is summer of 9th grade, going into 10th, and we have been together for 10 years so far; best friends. So tonight was no different from other nights. She walks me back to my house, we say goodnight, and she parts, disappearing into the darkness until next time. But, unlike in the past, this time before she left she turned to me, hugged me again, and then kissed me. And I kissed back. Then she stepped back, with my hand in hers, she gave my hand one last squeeze, said goodnight, and then was gone.

It’s late now, and I don’t know what to think yet. But I think this is what I want.

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on Feb. 19 2011 at 2:47 am
NsyncLanceFan GOLD, Chehalis, Washington
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this is amazing. innocent young love that is simple, and not over-exsagerated. simply sweet =D

on Oct. 17 2010 at 8:28 am
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

It's always a pleasure to read about these sweet, I guessing forbidden friendships. Great job!!!