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Lost generation or robots?

September 2, 2010
By heatherann SILVER, Corsicana, Texas
heatherann SILVER, Corsicana, Texas
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Has every one lost their voice? 
Every where we go every where we look everything we hear is texting. Tap tap tap is all you can hear. Where is everyones voice at? Is it lost in the midst of all the clicking and tapping that we hear? Or can we not speak over it all! 
When I look around I see people on their phones people on their laptops people that use to speak and use to laugh about something other than a funny text message beneath a glass screen or a funny status update on a social web site. 
People don't have normal relationships any more. People use the computer a robot to be their match maker. What has come to this generation! Rather than mothers and fathers playing with their children they are saying watch the television while I'm on my computer. Are families falling apart? Has our generation become robots that die off? What would happen to our generation if we lost all instant contact with the world? Would we want to loose contact ourselves rather than learn and see what we've missed out on all this time? Where is our generation?   

The author's comments:
This was brought up in my sociology class and it made me think" what has my generation come to?"

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