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The Child

July 30, 2010
By writemymusic33 GOLD, Dublin, Ohio
writemymusic33 GOLD, Dublin, Ohio
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She squats in the sand pit molding mountains and valleys with her tiny hands, her fingers clumsily try to grasp the grains then in frustration let them fall, instead she looks to the mangled barbie doll with its coarse blond hair and sharpie-endured face; she picks it up then throws it away again in her trash heap at the foot of one of the one inch mountains; then cautiously, her fingers creeping over the sand, she snatches up the toy car, careful not to wake her sleeping brother, and begins to plow through those mountains, over the doll and her other various toys, wrecking her toddler masterpiece with short fast blows until it lay completely demolished, in ruins.

The author's comments:
I made this piece in one of my classes when we were given the assignment to write a story all in one sentence. In this work a girl is playing in the sand. However, the innocence of the child seems to take a turn as she destroys her work. The symbolism behind this work can be interpreted in many different ways--to some it may just be a child, to other the growth and loss of innocence of this child and to still others it may represent mankind's disastrous effects on the world. That is for you to decide. My reasoning for making this particular work into one sentence was to represent a snapshot of a child's life. However, as others have pointed out to me the 'one sentence application' directly correlates with how a child plays. Though this was not my original intention, I found this interpretation to be quite interesting.

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