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Middle School. Part one

July 29, 2010
By ReaderWriter GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
ReaderWriter GOLD, Tallahassee, Florida
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My name is Charlie Rose. Middle school Is a mystery, to everyone. And to all those who view yourselves as exceptions to this, you are not. Believe me. I thought I had it perfect when I was going in to middle school. I had straight A’s, in fact, never before a B. I had a great family, two parents; mom stays at home helping me, Dad with a steady job, an older brother that paved my way in everything I did. I had friends, but I didn’t let them rule my life. School was my number one priority, it always had been. I didn’t have one of those parents that planned which college I was going to or anything, my mom wanted me to decide what I wanted, but she knew how to get everything. There for, I lived my life in school. And I never really minded, that’s what was so great! So of course, when I graduated from the fifth grade, I figured middle school would be exactly the same, just with more homework!
How very wrong I was.

First day of school; you get there, to an overwhelmingly large campus compared to your protectively small Elementary school. There are kids you have never before seen, kids that are three times your size. There are teachers that don’t care about how great you were in elementary school, they simply care about how great you will become in middle school. That first day is the day that makes you or breaks you. My first day was one I shall never forget, one that changed the way I worked in school for many years. One that I shall regret forever, to a point at least.

You see, my first day, broke me. It was too much. Too hard compared to what I had done. And I don’t mean that what we were learning was too difficult, if anything it was too easy, but it was so different. In elementary school you are used to every teacher knowing your name, even if you have never had them. Once you reach the deathly grounds of middle school, you’re lucky if even one out of your six teachers can remember you!

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